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2011 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The Louvre Museum has 8.5 million visitors per year. This blog was viewed about 75,000 times in 2011. If it were an exhibit at the Louvre Museum, it would take about 3 days for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

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Chapter 507 – A False Existence

Guy and Kisame’s techniques are head to head.  According to Kisame, his Daikodan is no ordinary jutsu.  It absorbs chakras to grow bigger and bigger.  The stronger his opponent is, the better.  However, for some reason, he noticed that Guy’s jutsu deflated but his Daikodan is not getting any bigger.

Then, Guy instructed his jutsu to roar and a huge ball blasted over the ocean.  Naruto and Yamato, along with Bee, Aoba and Motoi, saw the blast and asked what it is.  Yamato explained that it is Guy’s Hachimon Tonko, Hiru Dora.  Naruto said he did not expect that sort of name from Guy.  Yamato, however, warned that Hiru Dora’s energy will spread through the surrounding area.

On the next scene, we see Guy standing over a battered Kisame and holding the scroll.  Kisame asked what that jutsu is if it wasn’t a chakra missile and what is the green aura surrounding Guy.

Guy explained that Hiru Dora is not a ninjutsu but a taijutsu.  It’s a punch, just a very fast punch.  It concentrates the air pressure in the direction of his enemies and diffuses at once after compressing.  And the aura surrounding him is not his chakra either.  He said that anyone who opens the 7th Gate, Kyomon, sweats green sweat.  It is the hot air evaporating as it comes off his body.

Kisame answered that it was no wonder he thought it was a chakra missile that got smaller.  He said that this is the 3rd time he’s faced him and had no idea he harbored such secrets but he probably does not remember him.

Kisame is then captured and Aoba tried to get intel from him.  He was from the Mist Village.  One day, the Fourth Mizukage approached him.  However, it seems that the third mizukage is under control of Uchiha Madara.  Kisame was amazed that he was able to control the beast inside the Mizukage. As Aoba was reading his mind, Kisame bit his own tongue and broke from the connection and from his bonds.

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Chapter 506 – Guy vs Kisame

“It’s not my true self?” Guy asked.  Aoba and Motoi said if he opens his eyes, he will see that he is already out of the fountain.

Once again, Guy and Kisame met eye to eye again.  Kisame expressed his frustration on seeing Guy.  Guy, as usual, does not recognize him and asked if he is a pufferfish.  Bee said that he’s an Akatsuki spy and that they cannot let him escape or else their secrets are no longer safe.

Samehada, removed himself from Kisame and went towards Bee.  Bee seemed to understand the sword explaining to him that he was forced.  Kisame, on the other hand, took hold of the handle of Samehada but he held on to Bee.  Kisame went underwater while Motoi warned Bee that his chakra is being absorbed.  Aoba immediately asked backup from Guy to use Hijutsu Ishibar to get intel on Kisame.  However, Kisame ended up absorbing his chakra using that technique.  Guy immediately kicked him using Konoha Senpu to stop Kisame from absorbing Aoba’s chakra.  Kisame used a Suiton – Suikodan no Jutsu against guy which produced a shark made out of water and ran.  Motoi said they cannot let him out of the island’s barrier or it will all be over.  If they cannot stop him before that, even he cannot sense him anymore.

Guy said that he’ll stop him and used Hachimon Tonko! Dai Roku Keimon Kai! (Eight Gates Release – #6 Gate of View Open!) Bee enlarged his hand and Guy went up on it to be thrown towards Kisame.  Bee collapsed after throwing Guy since a lot of his chakra was absorbed but Motoi said they can still stop him.

Meanwhile, guy summoned a Turtle while midair.  The turtle’s comment is just so funny.  He said, “It’s been a long time, but what are we doing in midair!?”  LoL!  Using the turtle’s back, Guy shot upwards.

Kisame, on the water, also summoned a shark and hid a scroll.  Guy arrived just in time.  Kisame said he is persistent but Guy said that that scroll contained intel on them and he will not let him get away.  Kisame then used a Suiton – Senjikizame (Water Release: Thousand Feeding Sharks).  Sharks emerged from under Kisame and like a tidal wave, about to crush Guy.

Guy, in his usual pose said he can’t tell which shark he wants and then used a technique – Asa Kujaku (Morning Peacock).  However, he is still unable to locate the shark that has the scroll and said he would have to widen his scope then.  With that, he opened the 7th Gate of Wonder.  Green flames surrounded him and repelled the water.  At the same time, they both released their techniques.

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Chapter 505 – Release the Kyuubi’s Chakra

Naruto heard the last of her dying mother’s words.  He said that from this time onwards, he is going to eat his vegetables as well and not just ramen, he goes to the hot springs a lot and gets enough sleep, as for friends, they are all great and hoped that his parents could have met all of them though there is one tough guy he having some problems with.  His studies are going well and he may have gotten into trouble with his senseis and senpais but he has nothing but respect for them now.  Jiraiya also taught him all the vices of a shinobi just as she said but he has also taught him to become a ninja.  He declared that he is Uzumaki Naruto and his dream is to become the next Hokage and to become a better Hokage than any of the Hokages that came before him, to be cooler than his father and stronger than his mother.

With that, Naruto was able to finally open his eyes with Bee and Yamato waiting for him.  Bee asked him what happened they bumped first and Bee seemed to understand everything.  Bee noted that that there is peacefulness in his expression now.  When Yamato asked if he was finally able to control the nine tails, only Bee and Naruto seemed to understand what “this” and “that” meant much to Yamato’s consternation.

Meanwhile, outside the cave, Guy found out from Aoba and Motoi that Naruto is in a dangerous training mission and wanted to be taken to him.

Naruto, on the other hand, explained that the Kyuubi’s chakra is in a separate place inside of him and that he won’t always be using them.

Then, he showed them how he is like when he uses them.  Yamato was amazed.  He said that Naruto is filled with life force and even his Mokuton is affected.

Suddenly, Naruto sensed someone else with them.  Bee said that if Naruto can sense another presense, then he must have been careless not to even notice.  Kisame is alarmed because his chakra is the same as Samehada and wonders how Naruto could sense his presense.  But Naruto declared that it was not a chakra but a vague sense of malice.  He immediately pointed to the sword to which Kisama jumped from.  He said that it must be the power of a host in control of a Kyuubi to sense hatred and evil because none of the sensor types could feel it.

Bee asked how he escaped when he thought he already cut his head off.  Kisame said that he switched with a clone even while they were submerged in water.  Bee argued that clones disappear once dead and C would have sensed if someone else took his place.  Kisame added that the clone is special that it is like a parasite that could be controlled remotely.  Kisame then opened the doorway, much to Bee’s amazement, to escape as two jinchuurikis are a bit much even for him.  But even before Kisame could make his move to escape, Naruto already hit him in a flash.

Bee and Yamato were amazed.  Bee asked if that was a Shunshin no Jutsu. He said Naruto is in the offensive and moved like a golden flash.  However, Naruto was stuck in the wall, as he hit Kisame too hard.  Kisame was able to escape.  Yamato asked Bee to follow him while he assist Naruto as he’s not as good as the Yondaime just yet.

Outside the Fall of Truth, Aoba and Motoi explained how Naruto fought his inner self.  Due to their prodding, Guy stepped in as well and a shadow appeared telling him that he really shouldn’t go around talking about youth this and youth that all the time or else an old man like him might do himself harm if he’s not careful.  It said that he knows he wanted to be youthful in front of Lee but that no one wants to be youthful forever.  Guy asked him to show himself if he is going to talk like that.  All of a sudden, it was Kisame who came out, still cloaked inside Samehada.  Guy actually thought that his true self is some sort of a weird animal until Aoba and Motoi told him to be careful because that is not his true self.  And using Konoha Kaigansho, Guy struck Kisame using his elbows.

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What Could Have Been

Naruto’s life if Madara didn’t kidnap him to steal the Kyuubi from his mother.

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Chapter 504 – Thank You

Minato is telling Kushina that after he finish the Dead Demon Seal, he will place her remaining chakra in Naruto and she will meet him sooner than she thinks.  He said that time will come and Naruto will attempt to control the fox’s power and he needs her to be there to help him.

Kushina said that Naruto is their son and Minato argued that it is why he does not want him to bear such burden on his own.  Kushina then asked why it has to be the Dead Demon Seal.  She argued that he need not die just so she could meet him for a few minutes when he is older.  She wants him to be there for Naruto and to raise him up.  She asked him why he needs to sacrifice Naruto to preserve the balance of the Tailed Beast and to save the village, the country and her.

Minato answered that turning his back on the village and the country is just as bad as abandoning a child and that she should understand as she knew full well how her own country fell apart, that she knows tha pain of growing up without a home of your own and that she knows that they are a family of shinobi.  He said that even if he lived, he could never substitute for her.  There are things that only she could tell Naruto.  He said there are things that only mothers can do and he wants to do it for her even if it is just for the briefest moment.  He said this isn’t only for her but also for their son.  Dying to make a better life for his son, that is the stuff that the father should handle.

Just as the Dead Demon Seal is finished, the Third Hokage arrived but could not cross the barrier.  He immediately recognized the Dead Demon Seal.

Finally, he was able to seal half of the Kyuubi’s power in him.  He felt numb due to the heavy chakra.  The Third Hokage could not believe what he’s done.  Minato, on the other hand, proceeded with the Eight Trigrams seal.  The Kyuubi realized he is being sealed into Naruto after seeing the ceremonial throne of the Eight Trigrams Seal.  He tried to free himself from the chains that bind him and about to deliver a blow to Naruto but both Minato and Kushina blocked the attack.  They were both pierced by the Kyuubi.

Kushina said that if the father can do their job, then the mother should be better.  She said that he wins this argument and for the first time.  The Third Hokage and the other shinobi with him noticed they protected their child.  Minato said thank you to Kushina and summoned Gerotora.  He entrusted Gerotora with the key to the seal and instructed him to store it with Jiraiya.  The Third Hokage, on the other hand, realized that the Fourth Hokage saved the whole village by making his son the new jinchuuriki.

Once the key is safe, Minato performed another Eight Trigrams Seal and sealed both his and Kushina’s chakra into Naruto.  He told Kushina that they don’t have much time and if there is anything she wants to tell their son.  And she said to Naruto to be a good boy and not be a picky eater, to take a bath everyday and go to bed early and sleep well, to make friends and that it doesn’t matter how many but make sure they’re real friends, people he can trust even if they are few.  She added that he should study his ninjutsu and to listen to his teachers at the academy.  She said that he should avoid the three vices of a shinobi:  don’t borrow money if you can help it and save what you earn, no drinking alcohol until he is 20 and not to overdo it, and as for women, try not to pick a weird one and try to find someone like her.  She added a fourth which is to watch out for Jiraiya-sensei to Minato’s amusement.  She also said that he is going to experience a lot of pain and suffering but that he should remember who he is, find a goal and a drean and never stop until he’s made them all come true.  She said there’s so much more she wants to tell him and teach him, that she wants to stay with him and that she loves him.  She apologized to Minato for taking all their time.  Minato, on the other hand, has only one advice and that is to listen to his mother.

Kushina’s story has ended and she now apologized to Naruto for making him the Nine Tails vessel and left him with such a heavy burden, and that she was not there to raise him and love him.  But Naruto told her not to apologize because he never blamed them even if he did have such a hard time growing up.  He said he may have managed since he never had parents to understand what parental love is but now, he does because his parent gave up their lives for him.  He said they filled him with love before sealing the Nine Tails in him so he is here healthy and happy and he’s glad he is their son.  Kushina thanked Naruto for allowing her and Minato to be her parents and for being their son. With that, the last of Kushina’s chakra disappeared.

I am in so much tears right now.  😥

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Chapter 503 – Minato’s Dead Demon Seal

I have to say that this is the most heartbreaking chapter ever. *sigh* Here goes…

As Minato is about to deliver a second strike, Madara teleports away.  But Minato immediately found him as he had him already marked.  Immediately, Minato placed a contract seal on Madara and removed his control over the Kyuubi.

The scene shifts to Iruka.  His mother is badly hurt and his father is telling him to run.  He wanted to stay but his father told him that parents are supposed to protect their children.

Meanwhile, Madara complimented the Fourth Hokage telling him that he indeed deserves the title but leaves a threat that someday it will be his again and disappeared.

Back in the village, the younger shinobis were placed on a protective barrier by Kurenai’s father.  Kurenai voiced out her discontent but her father said that she is a shinobi and may not have a long life. She is also a woman and his daughter and asked that she at least survive long enough to give him a grandchild and pass on the will of fire.

The Kyuubi, on the other hand is about to blast another Tailed Beast Ball and Minato immediately summoned Gamabunta and asked him to hold down the Nine Tails for a bit.  Gamabunta said he is not a miracle worker but Minato said that he just needs enough chakra to take the blast away from the village.  With that, he was able to teleport himself and the Kyuubi far away from the village and to where Kushina and Naruto is.  He immediately placed a barrier while Kushina’s draining chakra placed chains on the Kyuubi and subdue him planning to placed him back inside her.  Minato was caught off guard.  Kushina told him that she’ll drag the Kyuubi back inside her and die with it and that it will prevent the Kyuubi from coming back, at least for a while.  She said it was the only way to save him and Naruto and thanked Minato for everything.

The pain and helplessness was evident in Minato’s eyes.  He answered, “Kushina, you made me your husband.  You made me into the Fourth Hokage.  You made me this boy’s father.   And I…”

Kushina cut him off.  “Don’t look so sad, Minato,” she said, “I’m happy that you loved me. Happy that it’s our son’s birthday. Like, if I try to imagine surviving and the three of us living together, I can’t think of anything beyond ‘I’d be happy.’ If I had any regrets, it would be that I won’t see Naruto grow up.”

Minato said that she doesn’t have to take the fox with her and that they can use their last bit of chakra to see Naruto one more time.  He said that he will seal the last of her chakra inside Naruto with an Eight Trigrams Seal and lead the Kyuubi away.  He will seal the Kyuubi with a seal only a non-jinchuuriki like him can use, the Dead Demon Seal.  However, he said that he can only seal half of the Kyuubi’s power because it is too great and physically and conceptually impossible to completely seal him.  He said he cannot let the nine-tails be revived without a jinchuuriki because the balance of the tailed beasts will be destroyed.  But with the Dead Demon Seal, he can seal half the fox’s power along with himself and the remaining half with Naruto with Eight Trigrams Seal.  Kushina was shocked.  Minato, remembering Jiraiya’s words about the prophecy said that he’s confirmed two things: the man with the mask is the harbringer of disaster Jiraiya spoke of and Naruto will be the one to stop him, the Jinchuuriki who will blaze the trail to the future and that he is confident of his son.  Before Kushina could stop him, Minato brought out the Dead Demon Seal and asked Kushina to have faith in their son.

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Chapter 502 – The Fourth Hokage Goes To War!

Itachi, who was babysitting his baby brother Sasuke, felt a sense of foreboding as the Nine Tails goes to attack Konoha.  Kakashi, who is being challenged by Guy, also sensed something is amiss.  The Third Hokage, who was in his office, was also alerted.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the village, Madara has arrived and immediately used a Summoning Technique to transport the Kyuubi.  It immediate caused rampage in the village and the Third Hokage was immediately informed by one of the jonins.    He wondered if the seal on Kushina failed even after all the safeguards were put in place.  He immediately instructed the jonin to protect the villagers while he goes to stop the Kyuubi.

Minato, on the other hand, arrived where the Kyuubi was.  The Kyuubi immediately sensed his presence and threw a Tailed Beast Ball towards him and the village.  Minato said that it won’t happen on his watch and used his teleportation technique to send the blast to a different location.  Shikaku Nara and Choza Akimichi immediately identified that this was the Fourth Hokage’s technique.

Minato was about to go and look for the Third Hokage to tell him what happened when Madara appeared and told him that Minato will have to face him first.  But Minato immediately teleported.  Minato, arriving somewhere else in the village, noted how his attack slipped right through him even if a moment before that, he was trying to suck him into another dimension.  However, while pondering on this discovery, Madara appeared once more.  Still pondering on his opponent’s technique, Minato realized there was only one person who could have done all those and at once realized that it must be Uchiha Madara.  He had some second thoughts though as he knew that he is long dead and said that it does not matter who he is.  Madara said that everything is a part of his plan to start a war to bring peace.  Minato immediately noted that he could even be more dangerous than the Nine Tailed Beast.  They started to fight but none of Minato’s attack hit Madara as he can make himself intangible.  With a stroke of an idea, Minato threw a kunai towards Madara while attacking head on with a Rasengan.  With that, he was able to teleport to wherever Madara is and hit him.  He called it a Flying Thunder God Technique – Level 2.

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UPDATE (Sept 7, 2011)

I apologize for any delay.  I will try to catch up and keep this updated. It may take awhile as I may be able to do only a chapter or two in a day.




It has been quite some time and due to work and schedule constraints I have been unable to update this blog.  I will try to catch up as soon as I find a bit of time.  Please bear with me.

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Chapter 501 – Attack of the Kyuubi

Uchiha Sasuke and Uzumaki Naruto: Their destiny has been intertwined from the day they were born.

While the masked man is holding Naruto hostage, the Kyuubi is trying to break out from the seal.  Again, he told him to step away from the jinchuuriki or else he would kill the baby.

Minato asked him to calm down but the masked man told him that it is he who needs to calm down.  He then threw the baby Naruto in the air and Minato immediately rushed to save him.

The masked man said he expected nothing less of Konoha’s Yellow Flash but asked if he’s fast for what is next.

Exploding tags were attached to Naruto’s clothing.  Minato immediately detached Naruto from it and teleported himself and Naruto to a safe location using Hiraishin no Jutsu  (Flying Thunder God Technique).  He realized it was exactly the masked man’s intention to separate him from Kushina.

Meanwhile, the masked man took Kushina into another location.  She asked him what he wanted from her.  The masked man answered that he wants to take the Kyuubi from her and destroy Konoha.  He then noted that that markings of Minato’s shunshin no jutsu which allows him to teleport from one place to another instantaneously has been added to her seal.  He said that Minato had always protected her but now he’s gotten her away from him and aside from that, the seal had weakened after her childbirth.

He then extracted the Kyuubi from Kushina.  The Kyuubi immediately recognized him through his sharingan eyes.

Kyuubi being released from Kushina's seal

He then told the Kyuubi that they will proceed to Konoha when Kushina asked them to wait.  The masked man said her clan was really amazing, living still after the bijuu had been extracted from her.  The Kyuubi then proceeded to attack Kushina, with the masked man commenting it is only natural for the Kyuubi to kill it’s host.

Just as the Kyuubi is about to crush Kushina, Minato arrived just in time to remove her out of harm’s way.  However, the masked man said it was too late.

Red Thread of Destiny

Kushina asked Minato if Naruto is all right and he assured him that he is safe.  She then told Minato that he has to stop the masked man because he is headed for Konoha.

Minato teleported Kushina back to where Naruto is while the masked man headed for Konoha.


After reuniting Kushina with Naruto, she thanked Minato and told him to go and stop the masked man.

Minato put on his cloak and said he will return soon.  On the other side of Konoha, Uchiha Itachi, carrying his brother Sasuke, sensed a feeling of foreboding.

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Chapter 500 – Naruto’s Birth

Naruto's Parents: Namikaze Minato and Uzumaki Kushina

Naruto is surprised to find out that her mother was the Kyuubi’s host.

Kushina said that before they go to the story of his birth, she wants to tell him about herself.

Kushina said that she was chosen as the Kyuubi’s second host.  She was brought to Konoha from Uzu no Kuni specifically to become the host.

Naruto was immediately adamant why she, a person from another country, become the host.

Kushina answered that even if she was from another country or village, Hi no Kuni and Uzu no Kuni and the villages of Konohagakure and Uzushiogakure were very close.  She said that the Uzumaki clan and the Uzushio of the Senju clan of Konoha are distantly related.

Uzushiogakure and Konohagakure

She goes on to say that the Uzushio were long-lived and were sometimes called the village of long life.  She said that their clan specialized in seals though they were a bit rough.  She told Naruto that the Shisho Fuin in his stomach was based on her village’s jutsu and that she was the one who taught Minato about Fuin Jutsus.  She added that the mark on his back is the mark of the village of Uzushiogakure and it has been used in Konoha as a symbol of friendship.

Uzushiogakure mark

Kushina said that he country no longer exists. Because their fuin jutsus were feared during the war, the village was eventually attacked and destroyed and the survivors apparently scattered to other lands and went into hiding.

Kushina now goes on to say that she was born with very strong chakras, even for Uzushio, strong enough to control the Kyuubi.  Her predecessor was also a kunoichi from Uzushio so it was a custom.  She said her predecessor’s name was Uzumaki Mito and she was the Shodai Hokage’s wife while she became the Yondaime Hokage’s wife.

She said that during the battle between Shodai Hokage Senju Hashirama and Uchiha Madara, Senju Hashirama gained control of the Kyuubi and in order to harness it’s power, Uzumaki Mito used her fuin jutsu to seal the Kyuubi within herself and become its host.  Konoha has been in possession of the Kyuubi since then.  But when she neared the end of her life, that was when she was summoned to become the new Kyuubi’s vessel.

Naruto commented that they did not even treat her as a person but Kushina went on with her story.  She said she was not told why she was brought in Konoha and it was truly a shock when she first found out.  She said it was top secret, only three people knew – the Sandaime Hokage, and a couple of the village elders.  She said she was crushed by the pressure and loneliness of being a host but Uzumaki Mito told her that she was brought here to be the Kyuubi’s vessel but first, that vessel must be filled with love.  That way, she added, though she would live as the host, she could be happy.

young Kushina and Minato

Naruto was in tears to realize that she was happy even though she was the host – far from the loneliness that he had to bear.  Kushina said there was no need for him to cry.

Naruto then realized something from her story.  Naruto said that Minato told him that 16 years ago, when the Kyuubi attacked Konoha, a masked man was behind it so how was it that the Kyuubi was sealed inside her.

She said that his father might not have been able to tell him the details because he spent most of his time on her and did not have much time left for himself.

She said it was true that the Kyuubi was under the control of a masked man when it attacked 16 years ago but right up until then, the Kyuubi was sealed within her.  She said that the masked man knew the one moment when a host’s seal weakens and that he planned his attack and stole the Kyuubi.  Naruto asked when was that one time.  Kushina said it was during childbirth.

Kushina explained that for a jinchuuriki, a full-term pregnancy is ten months and a female host must direct the energy used on the seal towards the child in her belly and so the seal weakens in proportion.

So 16 years ago, on the 10th day of the 10th month,  she was taken into a secured place outside of the village to give birth in secret.  Sandaime’s wife Biwako and Taji, a medic-nin from the ANBU will serve as midwives.  A few ANBU will also serve as security.  Minato will be there as well to keep the seal in place.

On the way, Kushina and Biwako even met Uchiha Mikoto carrying a baby – Sasuke.  Biwako noted that he was named after his husband’s father.  Kushina hoped that Sasuke and Naruto would someday be friends.

When the time for Naruto’s birth came, they were all in the secured location.  Minato is keeping the seal in place while Biwako is assisting in the childbirth.  Outside, however, the ANBU were being attacked one by one by a man with a mask.

After much hard labour, Kushina finally gave birth to Naruto.  Minato was happy that he is finally a father and Kushina said she finally get to see Naruto.  Minato said that he knew she was worn out from childbirth but now she needs to exert full control over the Kyuubi now.

Just then, Biwako and Taji were rendered unconscious.  The masked man is now holding a helpless baby Naruto hostage and threatened Minato to step away from the host or his child will die.

masked man holding Naruto hostage

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Chapter 499 – A New Seal

Hearing his mother telling him that she loves him gives Naruto strength and happiness.  With those words and with Kushina’s chakra coming from Naruto, he was able to repel the Kyuubi’s hatred from overcoming him.  Even Bee and Yamato observed the Kyuubi’s aura receding.

Kushina told Naruto that the chakras she used to control the Kyuubi will not last much longer and told him that this is his chance to get him.  Naruto immediately summoned his clones just as the Kyuubi  break the chains that bind him.  Naruto and his clones threw a Rasen Cho Darengan (Rasengan Barrage) towards the Kyuubi but he didn’t seem affected and warned Naruto not to get conceited.  Kushina, on the other hand, said she got one left.  And there on the Kyuubi’s leg, one of her chain chakra is still holding the Kyuubi.  With that, he tripped him causing him to fall down.

Naruto, on the other hand, has shifted to Sage Mode and attacked the Kyuubi head on with Senpo Cho Odama Rasen Darengan (Sage Art-Nonstop Gargantuan Rasengan Barrage).  Then, for the final attack, he launched a Resenshuriken.

Senpo Cho Odama Rasen Darengan

The Kyuubi is pushed back with the impact.  His physical body separated from his chakra.

Separating the Kyuubi from his Chakra

With that, Naruto instucted his clones to pull the chakra towards them away from the Kyuubi.  Naruto absorbs all the chakra from the Kyuubi forming a new seal on his body.

Naruto's New Seal

The Kyuubi was angered and launched a large sphere of chakra.  Naruto said that after all that he was amazing having that amount of chakra left after he’s  taken almost all of them.  Naruto then placed his fingers on the seal on his stomach.  Immediately, before the Kyuubi can even launch the attack, a massive interlocking torii encased the Kyuubi back.

When he looked back at Naruto, he questioned himself if he is seeing the Sage of the Six Paths based on the seal on Naruto and on how he resealed him back.

Sage of Six Path as compared to Naruto's New Seal above

He told Naruto that he will not forget what he did.  Naruto apologized and promised him that he will not hurt and and that he will just have to wait a little longer.

Then Naruto asked what his mother would do now.  Kushina said that she can now join Minato but before she does, she wants to tell him the truth about his birth and what really happened 16 years ago.

She told him that she will begin the story when she was the previous Jinchuuriiki of the Kyuubi.

Uzumaki Kushina

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Chapter 498 – Mom’s Red Hair

This is definitely my favorite chapter.

Naruto asked the woman what is another person doing here and how did she know his name.

She said of course he would not know and asked him to guess who she is.  She laughed and asked Naruto if she already figured it out.

Naruto said she is the Kyuubi’s true form which made her laugh all the more.  Naruto commented how her laugh is uncouth and said that the Kyuubi cannot fool him by disguising as a woman.

The woman then shouted at him that ended in “dattebane.” Naruto was stumped when he heard it and the woman apologized saying it just slipped from her mouth.  She explained that she’s naturally impatient and a fast talker, so adding that to her sentences became a habit.  She said further that she tried to stop saying it but it just comes out whenever she gets excited.  She asked him about himself, hoping that he does not have any weird verbal tics like her.  Naruto was just staring at her.

She went on to say that Minato must have forgotten to tell him about her and when she was about to say who she is, Naruto embraced her tightly.  Crying on her arms, Naruto said he had always wanted to meet her and called her “Mom,” with a “dattebayo” at the end of his sentence.  Kushina noticed and said that he really does take after her.

Meanwhile, Bee and Yamato were surprised that Naruto’s transformation stopped.  He asked Yamato if he did that but Yamato said it stopped on its own.

Naruto, on the other hand, was telling her mother that there were so many things he wanted to ask her if he ever saw her.  Kushina said that is fine but they need to take care of the Kyuubi first so they can take their time and talk.

Chains came out from Naruto’s body and nailed down the Kyuubi to the ground.  The Kyuubi noticed that it was Kushina’s chakras.

Kushina explained to Naruto that Minato included her chakras in the sealing ceremony for the time that Naruto would learn to control the Kyuubi.  She said Minato wanted her to help him.

Naruto, though, was just looking at her.  Kushina asked if he was even listening to her.  Naruto’s response is that he was glad his mother is pretty.  Kushina thanked her and said that he got his father’s hair but otherwise, he looked like her.  She apologized for that.

Naruto asked why.  He said if she is pretty and he looked like her, then he must be handsome.  He added that she has a pretty straight red har and wished he’s gotten that as well.  He imagined himself in straight red hair while saying that.  (He looked like Sai!)

Kushina said he was the second man to ever compliment her hair.  When Naruto asked who was the first, Kushina said it was her father of course.

Naruto said he’s always wanted to ask her a question.  He asked how she and his father fell in love which surprised Kushina.  She said it was kind of embarrassing and ended up adding “dattebayo” at the end of her sentence.  Naruto said she must be excited then and Kushina replied that she was more like flustered by the question.

Kushina then told Naruto how she met Minato.  She said that she moved to Konoha from another village when she was still a Genin.  She didn’t know anyone.  She said that she and Minato were so young when they first met and her first impression of his father was that he looked kind of like a sissy and unreliable.

She said that on the first day at the Academy, they had to talk about what they want to be when they grow up and since she wanted to impress everyone, she declared that she wants to become the first female Hokage.

With that, Naruto exclaimed that it is exactly what he’d expect from his mother and that she takes after him.  Kushina said that actually he takes after her.

She said that her classmates thought she was a brat coming in from another village and saying she wants to be a Hokage.  He said the boys would tease her and call her “tomato.”  Naruto asked her why they call her that.

so cute!

Kushina said that she was chubby, so she had round face plus red hair so she looked just like a tomato.  She said that even she could see the resemblance.

Naruto asked if his Dad protected her from those bullies. Kushina said no, not at all.  She said she beat up the boys who made fun of her and crushed them like tomatoes.  She added that with her long, red hair flying as she beat them half to death, she gained another nickname, “The Bloody Red Habanero!”

Naruto thought about Kiba and Shikamaru and now realized they were scared of their mothers.  He then asked what his father answered to the question what he wanted to be when he grows up.  She said that Minato said he wants everyone in the village to acknowledge him and become a great Hokage.  Naruto smiled at what his father’s response was.

Kushina said that the first time she heard that, she made fun of him because he looked unreliable and thought that there was no way he could ever be Hokage.

Naruto asked why and protested that his father was really strong.  Kushina agreed and reasoned that she was yound and didn’t know any better so she looked down on him until a certain incident.  She said she always hated her red hair but after that incident, she came to love her red hair because of Minato.

Naruto asked what happened then.  Kushina said she has special chakras and some people from Kumogakure kidnapped her because of that.  In order to leave a trail, she pulled out her own red hair and dropped it to the ground, making sure nobody would notice.  She said Konoha immediately put up a special task force to look for her but nobody could find her.  She had almost given up hope when she was already taken to the border.

Naruto exclaimed that that was it.  Kushina said that Minato was the only one to find her and rescue her.  He said he was the only one to notice her red hair.  He said that Minato told her that he noticed it right away because her hair was so pretty.  She said that Minato looked like a splendid ninja to her then and he made her believe that he could make his dream come true.  She added that more importantly, her plain red hair that she always hated brought her her soulmate.  She said it became her red thread of destiny and since then, she liked her hair and came to fall in love with Minato.

Kushina said she has special words reserved for the man who would compliment her red hair and asked Naruto if he wants to hear it.  Naruto said yes.

Smiling, Kushina told her son that she loves him.  He was surprised and was happy at the same time.

Kushina then asked him what is the product of “Konoha’s Yellow Flash” and “The Bloody Red Habanero.”  Naruto answered joyously, “Konoha’s Orange Hokage.”

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Chapter 497 – Kyuubi vs. Naruto

The Kyuubi said he’s teamed up with the Hachibi.  He said he’s a pathetic excuse for a Jinchuuriki for teaming up with another.

Naruto, however is concentrating, trying to remember the advises given by Bee.  He remember him saying that the risk is high but if he manage to take the power, rip the chakra from the Kyuubi’s will, than that would be his reward.  He reminded him not to get sucked by the Kyuubi’s hatred and guard himself with his own strong will.

The Kyuubi first fired a huge blast of chakra towards Naruto which Killer Bee blocked and contained the explosion.  He told Naruto that it is all the help he can give.

Naruto went into Sage Mode while Bee contained the explosion.  One of his shadow clones then performed Senpo Cho Odama Rasengan (Sage Tech – Super Sized Rasengan) to distract the Kyuubi.  The Kyuubi blocked it with his tails throwing Naruto away.

The Kyuubi asked if Naruto thought he could beat him to which Naruto replied he would not have removed the seal if he didn’t think so.  Then, Naruto was suddenly holding into one of the Kyuubi’s tails.  Two shadow clones then appeared from above with the Wind Release: Rasenshuriken which weakened the Kyuubi and gave Naruto the chance to grab hold of the Kyuubi’s chakra.

However, the Kyuubi then started planting his hatred along with the chakra slowly consuming Naruto.  Bee started to see Naruto’s transformation and tried to tell him not to give in.

His chakra is now being slowly drained by the Kyuubi. The Kyuubi said he cannot control his power as he is nothing more but a tiny piece of his hatred.  Naruto suddenly has flashbacks of his childhood.

Bee, on the other hand, tells Yamato that the Kyuubi’s hatred is stronger than he would have thought and Naruto might be in trouble.  Yamato said that he will try to hold it back.

Naruto’s left eye is turning black and saying that Naruto should disappear forever.  Suddenly, Naruto hears a voice saying no and that he belongs here.  A woman appeared pointing to her heart and saying Naruto’s name.  It was Uzumaki Kushina.

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Chapter 496 – Reunion with the Kyuubi

Inside the Waterfall of Truth, Bee said this is where Naruto will fight the Kyuubi.  He told him to follow him along with Yamato.  There were a lot of headless statues to which Yamato said looked liked ancient ruins and might be archaeologically valuable but needs repair.

Bee, however, said there is a reason why they are headless.  However, Naruto proceeded to ask how he can fight the Kyuubi, how he can see him.

Yamato said they’re not planning anything rash if they really are going to fight the Kyuubi.

Bee answered him how does he expect Naruto to control the Kyuubi without being rash.  He went to say that their location is a holy place where many past hosts have come as part of the choosing ceremony.  He said that inside that building is where Naruto can communicate with the bijuu.  Bee said that only the chosen can enter.  He then instructed Naruto to place his head in the statue’s mouth and if there is no darkness in his heart, the door will open.

Yamato asked if they can further explain that.  Naruto explained that first, there should be no darkness in his heart that is why he first had to go through the Waterfall of Truth.  Bee further explained that if there is darkness in him, the door will not open and the startue will bite his head off.  He then explained that the headless statues that Yamato saw earlier are past hosts.

Yamato said it was too risky and should have one of his kage bunshin do it to which Bee said it was a holy place.  He said the spirits of Kumogakure are watching them and cannot fool them.  Yamato wanted to object further but Naruto told him that he came here to control the Kyuubi.  He said it is important to him and that he cannot run away.

Naruto inserted his head on the statue and then suddenly he was shouting.  Yamato tried to pull him away but he pulled out a headless Naruto.  Then, his head came back and Naruto was laughing.

Naruto explained that there was a switch inside and said he could not resist.  Bee was laughing as well.  He said he did the same thing himself and explained that the statues were just broken and he was just joking.  Yamato said he thought this was a holy place.

A door suddenly opened.

Bee told him to go inside and close his eyes and concentrate just like in the waterfalls.  After that, he said Naruto will be able to see the bijuu.

Naruto told Bee that he already had training so he can talk with the Kyuubi inside him.  Bee said any host can do that but this was different.  He told him to listen carefully as he explain what to do.

Bee first asked what sort of seal was used on the Kyuubi.  When Naruto failed to answer, Yamato offered the information.  It was a Shisho Fuin – a Four Element Seal.  Bee said that it’s a good one and an even stronger seal than his Tekko Fuin (Iron Seal).  He asked if Naruto has the key and Naruto said that he does.

Yamato the realized that they are going to break open the seal.  He asked what if Naruto could not control it and the Kyuubi is revived.  Bee said that they will seal the Kyuubi inside that room.  He said that is the reason that place exists.  He said that the Kyuubi will be sealed here until they find a new host to replace him so Naruto should watch out if he does not want to be replaced.  Naruto replied that that won’t happen and that he can do it.

With that, Bee said he’s closing the door and he will now show Naruto what to do with the Kyuubi.  He said that he is amazed by Naruto and the rules are simple.  He said Naruto first need to greet the Kyuubi and then break the seal.  He added that he has conquered his hatred and that he is strong.  He said that the Kyuubi is made of hatred and nothing more.  He said that when the seal is broken, he should use his chakras to grab hold of the Kyuubi’s chakras and pull it out.  He said that only chakras can grab onto chakras so he justhave to steal the Kyuubi’s chakras from it and then he will be the winner.  He told Naruto that once he touch the Kyuubi, their chakras will be connected.  He said it will be like a tug of war.  He added that he will fight as well but technically he will be inside Naruto so he will not be as strong as usual and that he should also know that when he tries to take the Kyuubi’s chakras, there is also a chance that he will take his instead and if the Kyuubi sucks his chakras instead, he will be left with nothing and he knows what will happen.

Inside, Naruto greeted the Kyuubi.  He said he is looking hostile as usual.  The Kyuubi’s eyes then focused on him and Naruto asked what.  The Kyuubi asked him where the real Naruto is because he could not feel him anymore.  Naruto said that he is right before his eyes.

With that, he removed the seal covering the lock.  The Kyuubi asked him what he was doing and Naruto said it was obvious.  He removed his shirt exposing the seal on his stomach.  With the key, now embedded on his right arm,  opened the lock on his stomach to release the Kyuubi.

Naruto Breaking the Four Element Seal

The gate is now flung open.  Just as the Kyuubi is about to attack Naruto, Bee used the Hachibi to suppress it. However, the Kyuubi lashed at it and cut through the Hachibi’s tentacles.

The Kyuubi commented that he now realize that Naruto wants to control his power.

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Chapter 495 – Dark Naruto Destroyed

Bee thanked Naruto for trying to save Motoi.  Motoi, meanwhile, tells Yamato that there is something that draws people to Naruto like Bee.

Bee said he’s revised his opinion of Naruto and thinks he is a pretty cool dude after all.

Naruto replied that he is a great rapper and that he is lucky to have met him in rap to which Bee said had a nice beat to it.

Yamato thought it was one thing to have something in common with Killer Bee but he is not sure he is too keen on Naruto taking up rap.

Naruto bumped fists with Bee and properly introduced himself in rap using “dattebayo.” Bee suggested that he should cut out the “dattebayo” since it was pretty annoying.  He then told Naruto to go to the Waterfall of Truth and told him that he knows he can now do it.

Naruto went back to the waterfalls and met the Dark Naruto once again.  The Dark Naruto said he was back but he still cannot defeat him.  Naruto answered that trying to defeat him did not get him anywhere because he will just do whatever he does.  Dark Naruto replied that Naruto cannot get rid of him either because he knows him better than he does.

Naruto then told him he must already know.  Dark Naruto asked what he meant and Naruto said he must already know what he decided a minute ago to which the Dark Naruto ask how should he know.

Naruto said he cannot fool him.  He told the Dark Naruto that if the waterfalls reflect what is in his heart, he will just have to picture it so he can show him.

Naruto concentrated and showed Dark Naruto the image he wants to show him.

He said that this is his signature, the signature he could not bring himself to write at Ichiraku.

The Dark Naruto was angry.  He asked him why he came up with something like that.  He told Naruto it was stupid and he is a fool for letting them make a big deal out of him.  He said that they deceived them for years and made up the rules to exclude them and make them a pariah.

The Dark Naruto asked Naruto to remember how they hurt and suffered and that he is the only one who understands.  He told Naruto that they cannot trust them.

Naruto answered that he knows that.  He said the villagers are important to him but first, there is someone else he needs to believe in first.

Naruto said that he is going to believe himself, believe the person they trust in him.

Dark Naruto asked him why after everything they have suffered and Naruto said that Bee made him realize that he should be proud of himself.  He said Bee does not doubt himself.

Dark Naruto was now crying and more angry.  He asked Naruto if that is the case, is he the one holding him back and what does that make him.  Naruto assured him that able to become strong because of him.

Dark Naruto asked him what he should do then while he is about to attack Naruto.  Naruto stood his ground and told him the answer was simple.  He told him that he should become him because he is him.  ( To that effect ..  hehehe ) And he embraced his dark side and thanked him for everything but that is enough.

Finally, Naruto stood up and Yamato, Motoi and Bee are waiting for him.  Yamato asked if he did it but Bee said it is too early to celebrate.

Bee asked Naruto is he wants to control the Kyuubi then he is his master.  Bee then proceeded on the other side of the waterfall and told Naruto to follow him.  Behind the waterfall is where he will fight the Kyuubi according to Bee.

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Chapter 494 – Killerbee and Motoi

Motoi tells his story from 30 years ago…

There wasn’t a host able to control the Hachibi, Motoi began.  At the time, the Hachibi had rampaged several times and destroyed Kumogakure in the process.  Each time, Sandaime Raikage and the other elite managed to stop it’s rampage and somehow they were able to force the Hachibi back into it’s sealed pot.  But there were always many casualties.

However, in order to maintain the power balance with other countries, they had to be able to control the Hachibi so they continued experimenting with hosts.  And among the many casualties was my father.

Bee was my friend and we were only five when my father was killed.  The host who killed my father died when they forcibly removed the Hachibi and sealed it away.  He was an earlier host and it was soon afterwards that Bee was chosen to be the new host.

I thought he would not be able to control the Hachibi.  That there would just be more casualties.  My hatred for the Hachibi continued to grow and though I was still a child, I plotted revenge.  I hated the way Bee was always smiling as if he didn’t have a clue.  My hatred of the Hachibi became hatred of its host.  I thought if I killed Bee, that would kill the Hachibi, too.

I attacked Bee from behind but when I failed, I got scared and ran away.  I hid my face but Bee may have realized it was me.  I stopped talking to him after that.

My hatred did not disappear immediately, I always followed him after that to keep an eye on him.  But it wasn’t just me.  He was always shunned and hated by the rest of the villagers, too.  It did not matter that politics had forcesd him into becoming the host or that he protected the village.  The villagers continued to shun him.  No ordinary man could have stood it.  That was when I realized Bee was hurting more than I was.

Yamato then asked him why he is telling them this. Motoi answered that maybe he just wanted to tell Bee but felt he could tell Naruto because he is a host as well.  He added that he will need to tell him the truth at some point and if not, he will always regret it.

Naruto realized then that he was trying to justify his action and his motives and so he left.  He said he needed some time to be alone.

Naruto remembered how the whole village hated him and then after defeating Pain, everibody considered him a hero. He remembered Gaara’s father who tried to have him assassinated and after the incident with Akatsuki, everybody cared about him.  Thinking out loud, he said that they now trust Bee and Gaara became a Kazekage.  He said as for himself, Iruka and the villagers once treated him like a pariah as well and said that he never thought of himself that way but somewhere in his heart, he isn’t sure if the villagers really trust him.

Suddenly, the squid reappeared.  Motoi was caught.  Yamato said they’re going with Formation C but Naruto does not seem to move.  Then, he shouted that Bee should stop it because Motoi really does trust him to Yamato’s consternation.  He told Naruto that it’s the squid.

Naruto said he thought Motoi must have told Bee the truth and he got angry but Yamato answered that they got worried and so they went after him only to be attacked by the giant squid.

Using Mokusatsu Shibari no Jutsu, Yamato held down the squid’s tentacles.  Naruto shouted that they will save him.

Out of nowhere, Bee arrived once again crushing down the squid.  Motoi asked why he saved him when he must have known he tried to kill him once but Bee just asked when did that happen and bumped fists with Motoi.

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Chapter 493 – Dark Naruto

Two Sides of Naruto

The Dark Naruto that came out of the Waterfall of Truth went to say that the villagers of Konoha treated them like a pariah.

Naruto asked who he is.  Dark Naruto said that he is him.  Naruto said he does not remember performing any Kage Bunshin.  Dark Naruto said that he is himself.  He is the Naruto inside him.  But Naruto said he does not know what he is talking about and that he has no idea who he is.

Dark Naruto went to say that Motoi called this place Waterfall of Truth and told Naruto that if that is the case, this is the perfect place for him to come out.  He said that he is the true Naruto, the “real” Naruto.

Dark Naruto said that he is his precious hatred, his darker side but there is one difference – that the Kyuubi likes him better.

Naruto suddenly remembered Gerotora’s words about the Kyuubi’s will being a mass of hatred and that no matter how strongly he brace it himself, it will try to take over his heart by clinging to the shreds of hatred inside of him.

Naruto finally realized what is going on.  Dark Naruto said he is him and that he cannoyt get tid of him and called him a fake.

Naruto then attacked the Dark Naruto and told him he is the fake.

Meanwhile, Bee is playing sumo wrestling with a bunch of bears.  Cute! While doing so, the Hachibi is talked with Bee and asked if he is just going to fool around and not help Naruto.  The Hachibi told him that they are both hosts and though he doesn’t like the Kyuubi, Naruto seemed to show promise.  He added that he used to be wild and that Naruto reminds him of how Bee used to be like.  Bee answered though that he does not want to do anything with a kid who makes fun of rap.

Meanwhile, both Naruto and the Dark Naruto are tired.  Naruto thought how they have the same strength and they’ll never get anywhere like that.  Dark Naruto said he can’t and never will defeat him.  Naruto said he’ll defeat him by numbers instead and used a Kage Bunshin no jutsu.  But Dark Naruto did just as he did and produced the same number of clones.

Yamato, on the other hand, asked Motoi what is going on.  Motoi explained that by sitting in front of the waterfall, one can focus one’s concentration and enter the world within.  Then the waterfall becomed a mirror of one’s true self.  He said that right now, Naruto is fighting another Naruto.

Suddenly, Naruto woke up from his meditation gasping for breath.  Yamato asked him if he’s okay and what happened.  Naruto said that someone who looked like him appeared and that he is the dark part of him.    He said that he and the Dark Naruto are evenly matched, their jutsus and techniques exactly the same, and could not win.

Motoi said that unless he defeats him, he cannot control the Bijuu.  Naruto asked how he could defeat him but Motoi does not know either.  He said that asking Bee is out of the question, not with his kind of attitude.

Motoi said he doesn’t like to talk about other people like this but since he is a host like Bee and controlling the bijuu will help bring peace, then he will.

Motoi begins with his story…

As I said to you before, Motoi began to tell Naruto, as another host, you should be able to imagine what Bee has been through.  And it is just as you have imagined.  Great power breeds fear and hatred.  The other villagers were always awkward around Bee and did not like him.  He never got depressed nor did he complained.  He was always cheerful and easy-going.  And most importantly, he was never ashamed about being a host, but instead tried to make that part of himself more appealing.  He seemed to take pride in it.  You may wonder why he was able to take pride in such a thing but it was probably for his brother, the Raikage.

So the hosts would never betray their villages, they were chosen from among the wives and children and close relatives of the Five Kages.  The host both protects the leader of the village and acts as a display of strength.  Bee must have wanted to be a good host for the Raikage.  Apparently, he completed his training here at the Waterfall of Truth in no time.  I admire him with all my heart and consider him Kumogakure’s hero.

After telling this tale, Yamato said he has never seen a well-loved host and that Motoi really understood what it means to be a host and made him the perfect candidate to be their guide.

Naruto then asked if he can ask Bee for him instead.  However, Motoi said he cannot do that because he is unworthy.

Motoi said he tried to kill Bee once.  Naruto asked why after he just told them how much he respects Bee.  Motoi said this is his penance and since he is a host, he will tell them of the incident 30 years ago.

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Chapter 492 – Greetings

Killer Bee and Naruto finally meet.  After crushing the squid, Killer Bee transformed back to himself.

Naruto shouted, “Hey, yo!” then thanked him.  Bee took out his rhyme book and checked “hey, yo” on his list to Naruto and Yamato’s confusion.

Suddenly, Bee is absorbed in his rap.  Naruto thought if this was the octopus that is supposed to lead him.  He asked then what is up with him, all muscles, sunglasses and bad jokes.  The Kumogakure ninja with them said that it’s not a bad joke.  He said it’s Bee original style, combining enka singing with a rap beat.  He said that Bee calls it Enka Rap.

Meanwhile, from the island, Motoi, a Kumogakure ninja as well, welcomed them.  He said that he is the one in charge and will be showing them where they will be staying.

From the cabin, Might Guy came out and said they’re finally here.  He is found out to be seasick.  Yamato commented he didn’t think he was the seasick type.

On the way to where they will be staying, a huge gorilla appeared.  But Bee only told off the gorilla and it calmed down.  However, the rest of the party could not believe it is a gorilla.

Motoi explained that Bee is the king of the beasts here and that he has tamed them all so as long as they are with him, the place is perfectly safe.  Motoi added that Kumogakure’s best ninjas also created a barrier around the island and if anyone suspicious approached, they will be alerted immediately.

Naruto then asked Motoi who the octopus man is.  Motoi said he is the bravest of all Kumogakure’s heroes and that he had not just tamed the wild animals but he also has a full control of the Bijuu within him.  He said that he is a host just like Naruto.  He told Naruto that he is the Hachibi.

Naruto was surprised to find out the Killer Bee can control the Bijuu inside him.  Motoi added that the island where they are is where he trained to control the Hachibi.

When they reached their destination, Naruto knocked on Killer Bee’s room.  When Bee saw him, he asked him what he wanted.  Naruto asked Bee to train him.  He said that he is the Kyuubi’s host but he can’t control his bijuu so he wanted to ask him how to control it.  But Bee said no.  He said that his brother, the Raikage sent him here on a vacation and he doesn’t want to use his precious time doing that.

Naruto said he’s a host like him and that they should help one another.  Bee then rapped that he doesn’t like his attitude and better try again.

With that, Naruto rapped as well, saying Bee is cool. Bee said it was not a bad beat and he said “Yo!” while waiting for Naruto bump fist with him.

Naruto did not understood and Bee explained that he has to start with a greeting.  To do that, he should bump fist with him and give him a beat.  However, Naruto’s beat ended up insulting Bee.  Naruto then tried is Harem no jutsu but it has no effect whatsoever with Bee.  Bee shut his door on him.

Naruto then went to Motoi.  He asked how Bee learned to control the Hachibi.  He said that Bee won’t tell him so he wanted to ask him instead.  He added that he does not care if Bee is Kumogakure’s hero, that he is stubborn and unfair and he does not like his rhymes.  He said that Bee should at least be a little nicer to him since he is also a host.

Motoi was angered by Naruto’s words.  He said he doesn’t know Bee and that he should not say another word against him.  He said that if he is a host, he can imagine what sort of life Bee has led.

Naruto snapped back saying he can imagine so Bee should also know what he had been through as well.  Naruto goes further to ask why he would not help him then.

Motoi said he must have a reason then and asked if he’s exchanged greetings with Bee.  Naruto said he did bump fists with him.  With that, Motoi said he will show him where Bee trained.  Yamato then appeared and said he should come as well since he is a Mokuton user and in charge of Naruto.

Motoi brought Naruto to the Waterfall of Truth.  Yamato asked if this is where Bee learned to control the Bijuu.  Motoi said no but that this is just the first step.  Motoi pointed a rock below the waterfalls and told Naruto to sit there, close his eyes and then he will be able to see the truth.

Naruto did as he was told.  Suddenly, a voice came out of the waterfalls asking him why he didn’t sign any autograph back at Ichiraku.  Naruto was surprised.  The voice added that those men suddenly changed their tune and tried to suck up to him.  Suddenly, the voice coming from the waterfall showed up and it’s an evil Naruto.

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Chapter 491 – Confining the Hosts

Gerotora had to enter Naruto’s belly through the mouth.  It took Fukasaku kicking Gerotora in order for him to get down Naruto’s throat.  Once done, Fukasaku told him it is now time to go back to Konoha.  Naruto asked that he just now have to find the octopus and asked the Great Toad Sage if he could provide him a clue.  The Great Toad Sage he could not see it clearly but that it is an island, an animal paradise with no people around.  He said that on that island, the octopus wil help him.  With that, Fukasaku returned him to Konoha.

Naruto reappeared in Ichiraku, exactly where he was before to Teuchi’s and two other shinobi’s surprise. Teuchi asked him where he went as he suddenly disappeared and reappeared.  He said that it was nothing.

Now the two shinobi’s were also surprised to see Naruto there.  They were asking if they can get his autograph.  They said his Konoha’s hero and miracle boy and thus they wanted to have his autograph.  Naruto was suddenly stumped.  When they asked him if it was not okay, Naruto answered that he was just not used to it and didn’t even have a pen or anything with him.

Teuchi thought it was no wonder that Naruto was surprised because it was not so long ago that he was hated by everyonew and now they are calling him the miracle boy.  He told the two ninjas to let Naruto eat his ramen first.

Three days after the Raikage’s summon, everyone has gathered.  The Raikage noted that they all came quickly.  Gaara answered that the situation calls for haste.  The Tsuchikage in the meantime told Tsunade that she should let someone younger have the job of Hokage to which Tsunade he is not one to talk as he is much older.  The Mizukage said that she on the other hand is relieved that she is the Hokage again after what happened with Danzo.  Mifune, on the other hand, said that they should begin the meeting.

Mifune said they should discuss the matter about the Hachibi and the Kyuubi’s hosts as well as any information on the enemy’s base and strength.

Tsunade said that one of her teams has discovered the location of the enemy’s base but it might be a trap so they will need more information.

The Raikage said that he, too, have assembled a search team and is currently gathering information.  He said they should share information quickly between the villages.  The Mizukage suggested creating an allied intelligence team.

The Tsuchikage said that is fine but asked where they will hide the Hachibi and the Kyuubi.

Tsunade said that they need Naruto and Bee’s strength and asked how can they hide them.

The Tsuchikage said that that was what he thought so too but they are the enemy’s objective and therefore, cannot allow them to fall into the wrong hands.   He said this was decided at a previous meeting.

Tsunade snapped back that they are talking about Uchiha Madara and without the two they will not stand a chance.

Gaara answered that this is a war to protect them and that it is not her decision to make.  He said that they made a vote.  Tsunade said he is just a kid and was about to say something about Naruto but Gaara interrupted her already.  Gaara said he knows Naruto well.  He said that Naruto takes too many risks when it comes to his friends.

Mifune said that before they can discuss their strength, the Five Kages must be united and that is the only way they can win.

Shikaku Nara, accompanying Tsunade, said that he agrees with them.  She answered with fine, though unhappy with the decision.  The Tsuchikage noted that she is still as impudent as ever.

The Raikage said they will now discuss where to hide the two and asked if she has any further objections.  Tsunade no longer objected and said they should move on then.  The Raikage said he already have a place in mind and that he thinks it is best that they choose a place in Kumogakure as no members of their village are in Akatsuki.  He said it is an island where he and Bee trained.

Naruto and Yamato are now aboard a ship that will take them to the island.  Naruto is telling Yamato about the prophecy.  He said they are now on their way to an island paradise on a secret mission and that must be a sign like the prophecy has foretold.  Yamato is thinking how Naruto has not yet realized that he is to be hidden away.

When they reached the island, it is far from the paradise that Naruto imagined.  A Kumogakure ninja said it was like Konoha’s Forest of Death.  He added however that they should not worry.  He said that the animals won’t do anything as long as you leave them alone except for one thing. When Yamato asked what is it, a large squid appeared which Naruto mistook for an octopus.  He immediately called on it asking it to lead him.

The Kumogakure ninja shouted that it’s the squid.  He said he was just about to tell them to watch out for it.

Naruto, on the other hand, started counting it’s legs.  Yamato asked if he can’t tell without counting it’s legs to which Naruto replied that he just wanted to make sure.  Suddenly, Naruto was scooped up by one of the squid’s tentacles.

Just then, Killer Bee in Hachibi form appeared crushing the Squid.  Naruto finally counted eight legs.  The Kumogakure ninja said it’s Killer Bee.  Bee said they’re late.

Naruto and Killer Bee's First Meeting

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