Posted by: kitpotter | January 26, 2009

Chapter 413 – Crash


The Eight-Tailed Beast 

The Eight-Tailed Beast

The scene starts with Sasuke about of attack Killer Bee when he unleashed his eight-tailed beast aura around his body.  Sasuke noticed it is similar to Naruto’s.  Just as Sasuke was about to hit Killer Bee, Killer Bee hit him back but he was able to deflect it. Killer Bee then started to attack Sasuke and the rest of the team Hawk. Sasuke started to worry about his team and instructed Karin to feel his chakra and anticipate his moves.  When Killer Bee is about to hit him, Sasuke was left with no choice but to use the Mangekyo Sharingan and placed him in a tsukuyomi-like genjutsu.  However, just as he lowered down his guard, Killer Bee suddenly striked.  It ripped his neck and chest open.  Jugo immediately went to Sasuke to transfer some of his flesh and chakra to save him.  Killer Bee commented that in order to break the illusion, he needs a partner to disturb his chakra.  He the went to say that his partner is the beast inside him so illusions would not work on a host that control their beast.  He proceeded to complete his transformation – a giant ox with eight octopus tails.


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