Posted by: kitpotter | January 26, 2009

Chapter 414 – Bull on Rampage

The Eight-Tailed Beast’s true form finally appeared.  Karin could not even calculate the amount of chakra Killer Bee has.  Karin said that with his impossible chakra, they’d be dead if they don’t leave and asked Jugo if he’s done healing Sasuke’s wounds.  Jugo turned into a kid as soon as Sasuke’s conciousness was regained.  He said he can’t let Sasuke die because he is all that he has left to remind him to Kimimaro.  Karin immediately told them to hurry up but Killer Bee is already about to attack.  Just then, Suigetsu unleashed a huge water barrier and told them to get away while he handle the jinchuuriki.  They ran away while Suigetsu held Killer Bee but he released a huge lighting strike that even went past Suigetsu’s barrier. 

The scene then switched back to Naruto in Myobokuzan.  He is still in training for senjutsu and was just able to sense natural energy.  Fukasaku instructed him to lift a large stone frog.  First using the ninja chakra which did not move the stone frog at all.  He then instructed him to draw sage chakra.  When Naruto drew the sage chakra, his eyes got dark circles on it and he tried to lift the stone frog again.  He easily lifted the giant stone frog.  Fukasaku commented he’s getting the hang of it quicker than Jiraiya did but more foolishly after Naruto knocked it over. 

Meanwhile, two kinobi from the Land of Thunder heard the explosion from Killer Bee’s attack and they went to see what was happening.  They saw him in his beast form and was reminded how many times the Raikage told Killer Bee not to transform.  That is when they saw he was fighting someone and recognized the Akatsuki uniforms.  They knew Akatsuki took Yugito – the former jinchuuriki of the two-tailed demon cat which also hailed from their city.  

Suigetsu was incapacitated.  Karin realized they could not run away.  Sasuke realized his teammates’ effort to protect him just as his former team Kakashi protected him in the past.  Sasuke finally decided to use his Amaterasu.


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