Posted by: kitpotter | January 26, 2009

Chapter 415 – A New Power!!

07Sasuke activated his Mangekyu Sharingan and cast Amaterasu at the eight-tailed beast.  It hit Killer Bee and was engulfed in the inextinguishable black flames.  It dove into the water.  Sasuke’s eyes on the other hand bled and hurt.  Still, using Amaterasu, he cut off one of the tails.  Just as he did so, Karin was also hit by his black flames.  Using his Mangekyo eye technique, he put out the fire from Karin and told Jugo to get her while Killer Bee is still engulfed in flames.  After Jugo got Karin, he also put out the flames from Killer Bee and he was transformed back into human form, unconscious.  They decided to take him immediately.

Meanwhile, the two kinobi who were watching could not believe that Killer Bee was defeated.  Determining they are Akatsuki and one of them is wearing the Uchiha crest, they decided to go and inform the Raikage. 

In Myobukuzan,  Naruto has mastered the senjutsu using oil.  Fukasaku said it’s time for him to control natural energy without relying on oil.  Naruto said he feels strength welling up inside him.  Fukasaku explained that whereas ninja techniques exhaust a person because it uses the user’s chakra, sage tecniques take in the natural energy from outside, so that rather than becoming exhausted, the user recovers more quickly.  But also added, in his mind, that Naruto’s demon fox chakra also does that to him.  He then gave Naruto a book.  He stold Naruto that it’s Jiraiya’s first book and that his heart is in it.  It’s  The Legend of the Gutsy Ninja.

Legend of the Gutsy Ninja

Legend of the Gutsy Ninja


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