Posted by: kitpotter | January 26, 2009

Chapter 416 – The Legend of the Gutsy Ninja

This chapter tells the story Jiraiya left behind.  This is also the book the 4th Hokage got his son Naruto’s name from which led to Jiraiya becoming Naruto’s godfather.  The story begins with a ninja that looks like Naruto and the 4th fighting another ninja with a cap who tells him to just give up.  Let’s refer to them as shinobi-x and shinobi-y respectively.  Shinobi-x threw a smoke bomb but it was easily deflected by shinobi-y.  Shinobi-x was captured head on.  Shinobi-y told him to give up.  Shinobi-x said if he could say one thing but shinobi-y told him he’d die.  Shinobi-y hit him with a kunai but shinobi-x disappeared and reappeared at his back and told him to give up trying to make him give up.  Just as shinobi-x hit him then, shinobi-y realized he used a kage bunshin.  Shinobi-y told him that even if he kills him, another assassin will attack the village and that there will be no peace as long as they live in the accursed world of ninjas.  Shinobi-x then said that he will break the curse and if there is such thing as peace, he will never give up finding it.  Shinobi-y asked him who he is and before he can tell us his name (which we all know anyway is “Naruto”), the scene shifted to Naruto himself reading the story we just told over a giant leaf.  He was teary eyed as he finished the book and looked into Jiraiya’s picture.  He then had a flashback when he and Jiraiya were together when he was training with him.  They were talking about Sasuke telling him he’s breaking ties with him in order to get stronger.  He said Jiraiya could not understand how he felt.  He asked him that he used to be friends with Orochimaru, why did Orochimaru tried to destroy the village.  Jiraiya told him that Orochimaru became obsessed with forbidden techniques right after his parents were killed.  He said he probably wanted to see his parents again or to have his revenge on Konoha for getting his parents killed.  He further explained that since he didn’t lose his parents, Orochimaru told him he doesn’t understand how he feels.  He now realize that maybe Orochimaru was right to say he did not understood but he does now that hatred is spreading and he wants to do something about it but he doesn’t know what.  He told Naruto that he still believes that someday people would truly understand one another but that if he can’t find the answer as to how, it is up to Naruto.  Naruto said he won’t refuse Jiraiya’s request which made him laugh, saying he feels like Naruto is his salvation.  He told him he was glad he took Naruto as his apprentice.

The scene now shifts to Sasuke and Team Hawk taking Killer Bee to the rendezvous.  Madara Uchiha was waiting for them.  After they delivered the eight tailed beast, they went to leave to heal their wounds first and then to go to Konoha.  Madara went to ask Sasuke, after his brother Itachi’s sacrifices to protect Konoha, his plans.  Sasuke replied that Itachi gave his life to protect Konoha to achieve peace, but he was more saddened by his brother’s loss of life.  Therefore, knowing the truth about Itachi’s sacrifices, he could no longer protect Konoha.  Rather, he would never forgive Konoha’s three elders and the whole village, as accomplices, will pay the price of peace they enjoy.  He said that by destroying Konoha, they would understand a little bit of his hatred.

Sasuke's Hatred

Sasuke's Hatred

Meanwhile, in Kumogakure, the Raikage was informed of what happened to Killer Bee.  He is enraged and wants his brother back no matter what.


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