Posted by: kitpotter | January 26, 2009

Chapter 417 – Raikage Makes His Move

The chapter begins with Naruto continuing with his training.  Fukasaku instructed him to keep very still.  He must not move a muscle for him to gather natural energy.  Naruto asks if he can just take frog oil with him but Fukasaku said outside Myobokuzan, it will evaporate.  To help him better concentrate, Fukasaku bought Naruto over a place where there are pointed spikes.  He said he needs to find his balance and keep very still to become one with nature. 

Meanwhile, the scene shifts back to Sasuke and Team Hawk.  They were asking if he would really get the power of the eight tailed beast.  Sasuke said he wasn’t sure but that he will not rely on it.  In his mind, he’s got a new power (the power tht stopped Amaterasu) that will help him destroy Konoha.  When he was about to get a glass of water, he accidentally knocked it over.  His vision became blurry, as an after effect of using the Mangekyu Sharingan.  He lied when Karin asked him what the matter is. 

Suddenly, Karin sensed another chakra. They have been followed.  She sent out a small frog to spy on the intruder.  The intruder, which is a shinobi from Kumogakure (Jay) killed the frog.  But just as he did, Sasuke and the team appeared behind him.  He failed in trailing them.

Back in the Akatsuki hideout, Tobi (Madara) delivered Killer Bee and were just waiting for Pain.  Zetsu commented that it looks like Sasuke succeeded in securing the eight tailed beast. 

In Kumogakure, the Raikage is waiting from a report of the whereabout of his brother’s kidnappers.  The comments of the Raikage here was quite curious, though even until Chapter 432, it hasn’t been explained yet.  He was asking what an Uchiha from Konoha doing with Akatsuki.  When he learned that Sasuke left Konoha some time ago, he commented what Konoha is taking so long to finish him off, that “they certainly dealt with Hyuga swiftly enough.”  To what is that referring to, I’ll research further on it.  In the meantime, news that Jay is missing has reached them.  It was either he was killed or taken captive.  The Raikage was furious and wants to send a battallion to begin a thorough search from the general location.  He also gave instructions to send word to Konoha that they will be dealing with Uchiha Sasuke and to get all information about him as possible.  He also demanded to have a summit meeting with the five Kages of the Ninja World to deal with Akatsuki.  Samui, along with Omoi and Karui are summoned by the Raikage to go to Konoha.  Who these three shinobi are is yet to be unveiled.


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