Posted by: kitpotter | January 27, 2009

Chapter 418 – Naruto, The Sage!

The chapter begins with Naruto having completed keeping perfectly still.  He’s started to gather natural energy on his own without relying on the oil.  He’s now able to use the hermit mode.  According to Fukasaku, the dark pigmentation around Naruto’s eyes is the sign of a true sage.  He didn’t even have any bit of frog transformation which shows he was better at mastering this technique than Jiraiya.  He is also drawing more senjutsu chakra than when he was using the oil.  Naruto said it feels like being one with nature.  When a bird landed on his shoulders, he fell from his balance into the spikes but he was not even hurt.  Fukasaku said now that he’s in sage mode, they can begin the final stage of their training. 

Meanwhile the shinobi from Kumogakure has arrived in the location where Sasuke and his team were.  But they were too late.  Jay was already dead.

The scene shifts back to Naruto doing a secret training unbeknowest to Fukasaku.  (We’ll later find out in Chapter 432 what that is!! Hehe)  Naruto wants to make sure no one sees him training for that technique he is trying to perfect. 

Back in the cryptology section in Konoha, Shikamaru, Sakura and Shiho are still trying to decipher the code “The Real One isn’t with Them” left byJiraiya.  They are trying to determine if the enemy is using a type of genjutsu or some other form of technique.  Sakura and Shiho seemed to think it’s impossible but Shikamaru thinks that when it comes to Akatsuki, there is no “too anything.” On the other hand, another shinobi from Konoha, I’m not sure if it’s Ibiki Morino, whom I believe is a member of the interrogation squad, seemed to find out something about their enemy.  He said that the genjutsu shield is so powerful their truth serums had no effect.  Ibiki then is shown supervising over trying to discern the head of one of Pain’s body they captured through Jiraiya.  His assistant commented that a safeguard is placed on him and it may be quite tricky.  Ibiki reminded to use caution as it could set genjutsu traps.  While Kakuzu’s body is still being analyzed in the autopsy room.

The last scene shows the Six Paths of Pain arriving in the border of Konoha.


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