Posted by: kitpotter | January 27, 2009

Chapter 419 – Attack!!

We’re finally getting to the exciting part.  The invasion of Konoha.  The Akatsuki has finally made a move to capture the nine-tailed beast inside Naruto.  The six paths of Pain as well as Konan is now finally in Konoha.  They divided themselves into two groups.  One group will be causing diversion and the other group will do reconnaissance.  Asura Path (Demon Realm), Animal Path (Animal Path) and Preta Path (Hungry Ghost Realm) will do the diversion.  Deva (God Realm), Human (Human Realm) and Naraka (Hell Realm) will do the reconnaissance along with Konan.  They immediately sensed the spherical barrier protecting Konoha that will easily detect intruders coming from all sides including from above. 

Beginning the invasion, Deva sends Animal Path above the village to mislead the village about their number.  Konoha sensed the invader at the West Gate Sector I-B.  Once inside, Animal Path summoned the other bodies of Pain.  Deva told them to scatter.  Asura used his Flaming Arrow of Amazing Abilities to destroy buildings.  The ninjas of konoha realized the explosions were coming from a lot of different direction and Hiashi Hyuga said he’ll use his Byakugan to assess the situation.  His fellow teammate said the barrier will not be enough and they need help from other teams and that the Hokage needs to be informed.  Meanwhile, Human Path is seen somewhere in the village gripping the head of a Konoha ninja trying to get information about Naruto’s whereabouts. 

In Kumogakure, on the other hand, Samui, Karui and Omi were given a letter from the Raikage to the Hokage.  Omi and Karui could not believe what happened to Killer Bee.  It seems Killer Bee is their master.  The Raikage said that they will save Killer Bee no matter what.

In Akatsuki headquarters, they are trying to extract the beast inside Killer Bee.  Zetsu’s white commenting it takes forever when there’s only a few of them while his black telling him to shut up and concentrate.  Zetsu has two personalities.  While extracting Killer Bee, there was a smoke and they realized that it’s not Killer Bee, rather a tentacle of the eight tailed beast.  Killer Bee used a Kawarimi no Jutsu on Sasuke.  Killer Bee, on the other hand, is back on the water where he fought with Sasuke.  He looked around and when there’s nobody around, swam away.  He said it was a good plan for a spur of the moment thing.  The beast inside him said he had to lose some limbs so he could get away.  It seems that Killer Bee can control his beast.  It seemed that it was a perfect way for Killer Bee to leave the village as well if he pretended to be captured.  He said that just because he’s a jinchuriki for a bijuu, he should be stuck protecting the village. 


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