Posted by: kitpotter | January 27, 2009

Chapter 420 – Battlefield Konoha

The chapter begins with a small scene of Naruto in training but it immediately returns to Konoha.  A Konoha shinobi is hurt and Iruka is shown coming to his rescue.  Out of nowhere Deva Path arrives.  He asked where Naruto is.  Iruka refused to tell him and he was about to be killed when Kakashi intervened.  Kakashi realizes the diversion as a way for them to search Naruto’s whereabouts.  Kakashi told Iruka to take the injured man away.  The battle between Kakashi and Pain’s Deva Path commences. 

In Myobokuzan, after Naruto has mastered the Frog Katas and the Sage Technique, Fukasaku explained to Naruto the risk of Sage Mode.  He said only after Naruto realizes what the risks are will he be able to use it’s full potential.  Fukasaku goes to further explain that Naruto cannot stay in Sage Mode for extended periods of time.  Also, in order to gather natural energy, he cannot make any movements.  Thus, he can’t use it in battle or else he will be easier to be marked by an opponent.  He can only use it if he has a lot of allies who can give him time and if he must use it alone, he needs to retreat momentarily to gather natural energy.  Naruto was aghast.  He asked why he had to learn it if it was useless.  Fukasaku said that is why he is there. They will need to fuse their bodies.  (Well, there’s a funny scene where Naruto thought he’d turn into half-frog half-human) Fukasaku explained that when he meant fusion, he will be on Naruto’s shoulders.  So, while Naruto moves, he will be the one gathering natural energy. 

Back in Konoha, inside the morgue, a chakra meter on the black stick connected to one of Pain’s former body started to respond and heat up.  She said that it’s a demodulation device set to receive high frequency chakra waves.  They just realized that it’s a chakra receiver and it’s receiving right at the moment (since they are unaware that Pain is currently attacking their village).  She said the Hokage needs to be informed immediately. 

Meanwhile, in the cryptology department, Shikamaru, Sakura and Shiho has heard the commotion.  They leaned on the window and saw smoke coming out of the village homes.  In the information department, Inoichi Yamanaka was finally able to break open into the head of Pain’s former Animal Path. 


In the village, Team Kurenai and the rest of Team Asuma has also heard the commotion as more houses and building are being destroyed.  Ino immediately ran to his father to inform him and Ibiki that something is happening in the village.  Tsunade is also made aware of the presence of Akatsuki.  She suddenly remembered the words of Fukasaku saying that he wants Naruto to be the “child of the prophesy” since Jiraiya entrusted everything to him.  She also remembered Jiraiya, his dead brother and fiance and finally Naruto himself wearing her necklace.  She immediately gave instructions to put emergency warning and to call Naruto back to Konoha. 



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