Posted by: kitpotter | January 27, 2009

Chapter 421 – Call Naruto Back!!

The devastation of Konoha continues as flames engulfed the village.  Just as a giant centipede was about to attack a little girl, Sakura appeared and killed it with one strike.  Just then Iruka appeared and informed Sakura that it’s Akatsuki attacking to try and find Naruto.  He gave instructions for Sakura to attend to the injured in the hospital. 

In Hokage’s office, Tsunade gave instructions to Kosuke to bring Naruto back to Konoha.  The elders, Koharu Utatane and Homura Mitokado, said to leave Naruto in Myobokuzan since he is the target of the Akatsuki.  But Tsunade refused.  Koharu said Naruto is just a child.  That the Akatsuki has killed Jiraiya.  If Naruto is defeated, then the Nine Tailed Fox can fall into their hands. Tsunade was furious.  She remembered Naruto’s determination to become Hokage and protect their village.  She remembered Jiraiya saying that their job is to set an example for the next generation and to help them out and that he is willing to risk his life for them with a smile.  He remembered Fukasaku acknowledging Naruto as the “child of the prophecy.”  She answered back the elders saying they cannot treat Naruto as a child forever, that he is growing up and he’s inherited the spirit of Konoha.  That Naruto is going to surpass Jiraiya.  She insisted that Naruto is not a hidden weapon to keep Konoha out of war but a ninja sworn to protect their village.  She pushed them back and pointed out to them that they lack FAITH.  “Just like my grandfather, the first Hokage, had faith in you and entrusted you with the village!  Now it’s your turn to have faith in these children and entrust it to them!” Tsunade said.  They were left speechless and told Tsunade to do as she wants.  Just then Shizune arrived to report about the chakra receivers. 

Meanwhile, Kakashi was last shown being blown away by Deva Path.  Even his surrounding were blown away.  He said it didn’t feel like a shockwave.  He unleashed a lightning hound towards him but it simply vanished without even affecting Pain.  He realized that he repels physical attacks as well as ninjutsu.  Just then, Asura Path arrived to join them. 

Back in Tsunade’s office, Shizune reported about the receivers and said it may be the secret to Pain’s strength. Tsunade is now sure that it’s Pain who is invading their village. She told Kosuke to inform Fukasaku of what they found out as well as Naruto.  She told Shizune to tell the interrogators what she found out and instructed an ANBU to guard Shizune as well as the interrogators.  She will be tending the injured with Katsuyu.  Just as Tsunade, Shizune and the ANBU left the room, Danzo appeared and struck Kosuke before he could summon himself back to Myobokuzan. 





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