Posted by: kitpotter | January 27, 2009

Chapter 422 – Kakashi vs Pain

The scene starts with Konan trying to find out where Naruto could possibly be.  When she doesn’t get the answer she needs, she instantly kills them.  Preta Path on the other hand is fighting several Leaf ninjas but he simply absorbs their ninjutsu.  They had to rely on taijutsu then.  Naraka Path is also shown asking villagers and ninjas about Naruto.  He has a “Hell Avatar” technique wherein he asks a question, and after an answer is given, the giant demonic head’s mouth opens behind him, releasing tendril like arms that force a stream of energy (possibly the person’s life energy or soul) from the victim. If the person was telling a lie, their life force is completely removed and eaten, and they are seemingly killed. If they were telling the truth, they remain alive, though left extremely exhausted. 

On the other hand, Tsunade summoned Katsuyu.  Tsunade instructed her to attach herself to all ninjas and villagers, take her chakra and heal all the wounded.  Katsuyu can divide herself into thousands smaller version of herself. 

The scene shifts to Kakashi.  As he tried to hit Asura Path, it immediately deflected his attack.  He realized that Asura and Deva have a shared field of vision.  He remembered Kukasaku’s advise that the trick to fighting Pain is to take him one-on-one because each body can only use one power and thus, finding which one he’s using would be the key to defeating him.  Asura then transformed himself into having six hands and a tail-whip which looks to me is made out of sharp edges while Deva Path used a technique to draw Kakashi towards Asura.  He now realized that he cannot win by himself and needs reinforcements. Then, he was hit in the stomach by Asura’s tail-sword.  It was a through and through.  And then his body disappeared.  Kakashi used a lightning clone technique.

Out of nowhere, two huge boulders hit Asura and Deva Pain.  Deva evaded but Asura was crushed.  It turns out, it was the giant arms of Choji and Chozi Akimichi.


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