Posted by: kitpotter | January 27, 2009

Chapter 423 – The Deva Path’s Power

So Choji and his father, along with their team, has joined Kakashi.  Deva Pain as well as Choji realized that it was a bunshin kawarimi that have been set up earlier.  Choji realizes what this means and asked Kakashi the status of his chakra.  Kakashi said that since he used a Raikagebunshin, he’s got only about half of his chakra left but that he’s somehow determined a bit of his ability.  When Deva tried to make his move, all of them unleashed their ninjutsu at the same time on him but Deva used Shinra Tensei again and repelled their attacks.  Kakashi threw a smoke bomb to give him and the rest of the team time to coordinate.  He explained that Deva deflects all attacks.  He further explained that he has the ability to push and pull things from his centre, control gravity and repulse force but not in succession.  There is an interval but only a short one.  Kakashi said he has a plan. 

Using earth chakra, Kakashi attacked Deva from underground but Deva repelled him away.  Kakashi shouted “Now!” and both Choji and his Dad attacked with Human Bullet Tank coming from the left and right.  But Deva said they were too slow. But when he repelled them, Deva was captured in chains and he realized that Kakashi has laid those chains even before he attacked him.  Kakashi then attacked with his lightning technique.  However, before he could hit Deva with his chidori, Asura blocked his attack protecting Deva. 

The scene now shifts to Naruto.  Fukasaku asked him where he disappears to when he is by himself.  He then said they will continue their training with fusion.  But Naruto’s mind is in Konoha.  He was wondering what if Akatsuki attacked Konoha while he was away.  Fukasaku assured him there are a lot of skilled ninja in Konoha and a messenger frog would be sent if in case.  They proceeded with their training then after Naruto cheered up.

Kakashi, on the other hand, seemed unable to move.  His teammates are also incapacitated.  Deva said he’s not a bunshin after all but he’ll keep a safe distance anyway. Deva found a nail and threw it in Kakashi’s direction.  Kakashi said he might not be able to deflect it since he’s unable to move and he’s covered in rubble.


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