Posted by: kitpotter | January 29, 2009

Chapter 424 – Determination!!

Konoha is filled with wounded ninjas and villagers and mini-Katsuyus’ are trying to heal everyone.  Meanwhile, Danzo is planning to take over Konoha.  He was thankful of the Akatsuki’s commotion because he was able to escape Tsunade’s surveillance.  He is speaking to his Root division shinobis about Tsunade’s rule about to end.  He told them that they cannot get the nine tailed beast either so he removed that possibility already (Danzo killed the frog messenger in the previous chapter).  One of his shinobis asked if they should help out because it would be meaningless to take charge with the village and the people gone.  He said that Tsunade did became a Hokage so she would not allow Konoha to be completely annihilated.  He coldly said that some casualties are necessary sacrifices for him to become Hokage. 

Ibiki Morino, along with other members of the interrogation squad are still trying to decipher the mind of the Amegakure shinobi that Jiraiya sent to find any secret about Pain and how to defeat him. His mind showed about Konan bringing him a dead body of a girl in a tower in Amegakure.  He was telling Konan that there’s a rumor that Pain’s body is in that tower that is supposedly a memorial to the dead. 

Then the scene shortly shifts back to the fight between Kakashi and Pain.  Kakashi was last seen unable to make any movement while Pain is about to shoot a pointed nail towards him.  It seemed Pain was unable to hit Kakashi — which is later explained in the last page of this chapter, due to Kakashi using his sharingan technique.

Choji is down and calling on his Dad and Kakashi.  Pain is shown to move to another direction but Kakashi still seems to be standing though propped up in rubbles. 

We are taken back to the torture and interrogation chamber where Shizune arrives.  Ibiki asked if she’s found out anything.  She said yes and whatever else they found with the Amegakure body could help them figure out the truth. 

Back to Kakashi, two Pains seemed to be on the move as well.  Choji’s father seemed to be down as well and Choji was crying.  His father said he can cry later.  Kakashi, on the other hand, told Choji to tell Tsunade about Pain’s power if he can still move and figure out a way to defeat him.  Choji was surprised to see Kakashi is still alive.  He told him to save his surprise for later and not to let his father’s sacrifice go for nothing.  He needs to hurry up and inform Tsunade.  Just then, the broken down Asura woke up.  He, too, is still alive, though barely.  He said they were too persistent.  His mechanical body started to move on Choji’s direction to Kakashi’s consternation.  Kakashi told him to run while he decided to use his sharingan.  His chakra level is too low and he might not be able to completely destroy Asura.  And if he use that technique again, he could die.  Kakashi chose to entrust the living the information and save Konoha even if it meant he has to sacrifice his life. 


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