Posted by: kitpotter | January 29, 2009

Chapter 425 – Hatake Kakashi

I don’t want Kakashi to die but even until Chapter 432, his status seemed to be completely ambiguous.  There are hints that he could be, but I am still hoping against hope. 

This chapter is about Kakashi.  It starts with a very ominous foreboding.

Final Chapter?

Final Scene? Does it mean Kakashi's last fight and his demise? 😦

The scene starts with Kakashi’s flashback to Obito before he died.  He was telling Obito that he doesn’t care what the villagers say because he thinks he’s a good ninja.  He remembered Obito saiying that he will be his eyes and he will keep watching.  He told him to take care of Rin.  He suddenly saw his students in his mind: Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Choji, Shikamaru, Ino, Neji, Tenten, Lee, Hinata, Shino, Kiba and Akamaru.  He’s telling Obito that it seems that this is as long as he could be Obito’s eyes.  He said he was not able to protect Rin, that he broke his promise to him.  He was calling Obito, Rin and his former master Jiraiya that he will be joining them soon. 

The next generation

The next generation

Just then, someone called his name.  The person was asking Kakashi to tell him about himself.  He said he’ll tell him everything.  It’s his Dad.  The scene now shifts to the present time with Kakashi’s head bowed down. Asura seemed to be dead as well. 

The next scene shows Naruto in Myobokuzan.  Naruto and Fukasaku are trying to fuse using the Amphibian Sage Technique but  Fukasaku is being repelled by the Kyubi.  Fukasaku said it was no use because it seems the demon fox is rejecting him.  Naruto demanded what is the use of their training then if they cannot use the Sage Technique. 

Animal Path on the other hand has used a summoning technique while Shizune’s been explaining about the chakra receivers to Ibiki, Inoichi and Ino.  Ibiki said if he really is using Rinnegan, it is possible to use any kind of technique.  Just then, Animal Path’s summoning crashed into their interrogation unit. It’s the nine-headed dog and the rhino.  The ANBUs where trying to retrieve the body while the Animal Path seemed to be targeting the chakra receiver.  Just then, Katsuyu arrived.  When Ibiki saw Animal Path, he said there was no doubt he saw him in the mind of the shinobi from Amegakure.  Ibiki explained that Animal Path is the same corpse that Konan brought and that same corpse is now using a summoning technique.  Ibiki remembered Fukasaku saying that Pain’s six forms can only use one technique each and that it was weird because the other body in their possession is supposedly the body that could summon.  They thought Jiraiya already defeated the body that could use summon.  Ibiki then told Shizune and Inoichi to continue figuring out the truth and that he and the assassins will deal with Animal Path and it’s summons. 


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