Posted by: kitpotter | January 29, 2009

Chapter 426 – Naruto and Konoha

Uzumaki Naruto, A Citizen of Konoha

Uzumaki Naruto, A Citizen of Konoha

The chapter begins with Naraka Pain trying to interrogate two ninjas about Naruto’s whereabouts.  One of the ninja replied that Naruto is an ally of Konoha and therefore, he is not going to sell out a comrade.  Naraka asked if this is their “Will of Fire.”  He goes on to say that they will forfeit their lives should they refuse to answer his question.  When he asked them his questions, the ninjas saw the beast behind Naraka that will suck their chakras depending on their answer.  They told him they don’t know if Naruto is in the village or not so he should let them go.  Naraka said that he will be the one to pass judgment on that.  The beast got the ninjas tongue with it’s own.  Their energies were sucked and Naraka determined they were telling the truth. 

Konohamaru, on the other hand, is hiding behind a wall where Naraka is. He saw what transpired though he doesn’t see the monster behind Naraka.  He was wondering what happened and the ninjas stopped moving when Naraka didn’t move a muscle to hurt them.  Just as Konohamaru thought Naraka has seen him, Ebisu arrived.  His intention is to give Konohamaru time to run away. 

Meanwhile, Inoichi, Shizune, along with Ino were headed to the cipher department just as Ibiki faced Animal Path.  Ibiki said it is he and his assassins that she would have to face. However, just as the three headed to the cipher department, Human Path followed them. 

Naruto, on the other hand, has not given up.  He said that if they cannot fuse, then he would just have to gather natural energy while moving.  Fukasaku said that it was impossible.  Naruto replied that he was not accepting that.  He said that if that’s what needs to be done, then he’ll do it.  Fukasaku said that it doesn’t change the fact that it’s not possible.  He explained that it’s a physical impossibility.  Just then, Naruto noticed the code engraved by Jiraiya in Fukasaku’s back. He told him that that code on his back is a message from Jiraiya to him.  Fukasaku said yes and that because of it they can unravel the mystery behind Pain.  But Naruto said that it is not it.  He said it was also a personal message left for him telling him not to give up, no matter what.  He goes futher to say that he is Jiraiya’s apprentice and if that message is his master’s “way of the ninja,” then he cannot afford to start complaining.  Fukasaku admired his stubborness.  He said it’s the necessary qualities to become a sannin. 

Back in Konoha, Konohamaru is distraught.  He doesn’t know if he should run.  Naraka is now questioning Ebiki about Naruto’s whereabout and threatened to kill him if he doesn’t give him Naruto’s location.  He suddenly remembered Naruto — how he transformed from an outcast to one of Konoha’s recognized shinobi, how he was determined to change the people’s opinion of him.  Naruto has already been entrusted by the whole village of Konoha’s “will of fire.” Ebisu thought of Naruto carrying Jiraiya’s will and so he answered Naraka confidently that Naruto is a citizen of Konoha and therefore he will not provide Akatsuki any information on Naruto’s whereabouts. 

Konohamaru is suddenly awakened from his fear and remembered Naruto as well.  Ebisu, on the other hand, thought that he’s already gone to safety.  Just as Naraka is about to kill Ebisu, Konohamaru came out of his hiding and said that he will fight him. 


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