Posted by: kitpotter | January 29, 2009

Chapter 427 – Reunion

Ebisu was surprised.  He demanded from Konohamaru why he didn’t run away.  He told him he could become a future Hokage of Konoha and not to throw his life away.  Konohamaru said he made a promise to Naruto that someday, they will fight for the title of Hokage.  That is why he cannot run away because if he does, Naruto will not be there waiting for him. 



Naruto, on the other hand is still trying to figure out how to gather natural energy while moving.  However, when he tries, he starts turning to a frog and Fukasaku had to hit him with his stick to stop the transformation.  Fukasaku told him to rest but Naruto said he can’t waste time.  Fukasaku said he’s never done it before, running while trying to gather natural energy which requires stillness.  He said it’s like trying to look left and right at the same time. Naruto had a sudden enlightenment.  It was the same thing he told Kakashi when they were trying to perfect his Rasengan into Rasen Shuriken. 

Tsunade, who was attending to everyone through a circle, suddenly stood up.  She seemed perplexed and she punched a boulder into pieces.  She apologized to her comrades and then said to continue what they were doing. 

Just then, Choji arrived.  He told Tsunade that they have figured out one of the enemy’s power.  He said that the Pain they fought is male, about 20-30 years old, with six piercings on the nose, seven in the ears.  He informed Tsunade that he uses gravitational and repulsion techniques, that he can draw anything towards him and repel any kind of attack but there’s about five second interval before he can use his techniques again. 

Tsunade, then, gave instructions for Katsuyu to tell everyone so they will be able to survive in case they encounter him.  Choji said Team Choza provided Kakashi backup but that it seems he is the only survivor.  Tsunade told him to go to Choza and bring him to the hospital and that he’s still got a chance.  Choji was relieved to hear his father is still alive.  Then, he thought of Kakashi.  “What about Kakashi!?” he asked.  Tsunade just told him to hurry.  I really have a bad feeling about this — it’s like I’m gonna be sick in the stomach.

Anyway, Preta Path found the former body of Animal Path and he is shown to gather the chakra receivers from that body.  Suddenly, there was an explosion.  Kiba and her mother, along with their dogs, arrived and tried to blow up Preta but he avoided it using the former Animal Path’s body as a shield.  In other part of the village, Konan is faced by the Aburame clan.  Outside the village, Team Gai has returned from a mission.  Gai noticed a flock of birds flying away from their village.  Neji said he’s got a bad feeling about it and that they should hurry back to Konoha.  Deva Pain, however, has reached the place where Tsunade is.  Tsunade recognized him immediately – which, I think, verifies that he is indeed Nagato.  He mentioned that she is the only sannin left among the three legendary Sannins of Konoha. 


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