Posted by: kitpotter | January 29, 2009

Chapter 428 – Conversations

The battle between Konohamaru and Naraka path has began. Konohamaru knows that if he’s caught, it will be the end of him.  Naraka caught him by the neck.  Ebisu tried to come to his aid but he was simply thrown back.  Naraka asked his question and that is the time Konohamaru saw the monster.  He is starting to figure out his power. He answered that he did not know where Naruto is.  He remembered Naruto training him about rotation, power and stopping.  Then, Konohamaru disappeared.  It was a bunshin that was caught.  Out of nowhere, Konohamaru was about to strike with… guess what!?  Rasengan!!!  Even is Ebisu was surprised that Konohamaru knew that technique.  Konohamaru said he’s a genin of the Sarutobi clan, named after the village.  “Sarutobi Konohamaru, and don’t you forget!” he added.

Meanwhile, Deva Pain is telling Tsunade that he wanted to talk to her.  Tsunade recognized him to be the same kid Jiraiya taught many years ago… Nagato.  He asked where Naruto is.  He told her he’d captured almost all the hosts.  That the ninja villages have lost the equilibrium of the tailed beasts.  He said that it’s no use hiding Naruto because the fighting will start soon and that the embers of war are already smoldering.  They will control the war and it’s better to cooperate and they will help Konoha. 

Tsunade was furious and told Pain not to underestimate her as the 5th Hokage.  She told him they were just terrorists trying to destroy the stability established by their forefathers and whatever he says is meaningless. 

Just then, Tsunade’s companions sensed an amazing amount of chakra.  But Tsunade will not back down.  He said he’s giving her one last warning but she blocked him off by saying he cannot get what he wanted the most.  Pain said Konoha’s ninjas cannot protect Naruto forever.  Tsunade said he’s wrong because Naruto is strong. 

Back in the cryptology department, Shizune and the rest has determined that Pain can use any dead body.  He can revive and control them using the chakra receivers.  They said that if there are receivers, then there must be a transmitter.  Meaning, someone else is controlling the bodies from the shadows which gives light to Jiraiya’s code, “The real one is not with them.” They realize he must be nearby to exert control not just over one, but over six bodies.  They decided to tell Tsunade immediately.  Just then, there’s a smoke bomb thrown at them.  Human Path appeared and he was holding Shizune by the head.  He warned them not to make any move or she dies.  Using the same technique as the Yamanaka clan, Human Path was able to find out from Shizune that Naruto is in Myobokuzan. 



  1. Your writing talent is actually appreciated!! Many thanks.
    You saved me lots of frustration. Awesome post!

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