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Chapter 429 – Pain

Just as Human Path got the information from Shizune, Deva Path has likewise found out that Naruto is in Myobokuzan.  “That’s the frog village, isn’t it?” he asked Tsunade.  Tsunade could not believe how Deva Pain found out Naruto’s location.  Deva Pain said there was no reason to hang around anymore and turned to leave.  Tsunade’s ANBUs said to let him go and strengthen their village’s protection.  But before Pain left, he asked Tsunade what the chakra is on her feet.  He figured it was to guard against his technique, which they probably know by now.  However, he added that everything is meaningless in the face of overwhelming power.  He said that peace made the great nations foolish and thoughtless.  He said that if you kill someone, someone else will kill you.  He said hatred binds together, and war brings pain and injury and death to both sides. This is probably referring to his past when Jiraiya has found him.  Tsunade argued that great nations has suffered, too but Deva Pain said that he wants them to “feel pain, to think about pain, to accept pain, and to know pain. And that those who don’t know pain can never know true peace.”  Tsunade realizes that this is not the end. 

Meanwhile, Shizune’s body spirit seemed to be taken by Human Path.  Ino was crying.  In the hospital, there are a lot of wounded people.  Sakura said with the accumulating number of injured people, she can’t heal everyone. 

In Myobokuzan, Fukasaku was alerted to a bad news.  He was informed that Kosuke, who was sent to Konoha, has been killed.  His name has disappeared from the list.  They are now alerted that something has happened in Konoha.

Back in Konoha, Deva Pain has summoned the rest of his bodies along with Konan.  They retreated to a forest clearing not far from Konoha.  The teams that were fighting Konan, Animal and Preta Path were surprised that they disappeared. The Aburame clan said it was quite suspicious.  Konan asked Animal Path what she was doing when she used a summoning technique and she told her she’s doing that.  It seemed that everything has been going according to their plan.

In Myobokuzan, Fukasaku instructed another frog to inform Shima, who is currently gathering supplies near Konoha, about what is going on.  He then told Naruto that together with Shima they can summon something pretty strong and advised him to get ready. Shima, on the other hand, has seen smoke billowing out the village when the frog Fukasaku sent arrived.  Before he can even finish Fukasaku’s message, Shima already knew they will need summons. 

Konan, after finding out Pain’s plan, was telling him not to do it as it would shorten his life span.  She referred to Deva Pain directly as Nagato.  However, Pain was determined to give the world more pain.  Tsunade was on her way to stop Pain while Shima already started summoning.  But it was too late.  Pain’s Shinra Tensei is already activated.  The whole village exploded!!!

Shinra Tensei exploded in Konoha

Shinra Tensei exploded in Konoha

Everything was destroyed.  Konoha was laid in ruins.  Sakura, coming out of the debris, was oblivious to what happened.  Seeing the destruction of Konoha, she could not help express her feelings and shouted as loud as she could for Naruto to come back. 

The Descruction of Konohagakure

The Descruction of Konohagakure


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