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Chapter 430 – Naruto’s Return

“Naruto has returned to find his village destroyed by Pain!”

This is the opening statement of this chapter.  Naruto, along with Fukasaku, arrived together with Gamaken, Gamahiro, Gamabunta and Gamakichi.  Naruto is now wearing a red and black flamed coat that looks similar to his father, the 4th Hokage.  He is also carrying a scroll similar to Jiraiya’s. 


Naruto in Sage Mode

Naruto in Sage Mode



When they appeared, they weren’t sure if they arrived in the right place.  They could no longer recognize Konoha.  Fukasaku was angry.  He told them to summon them to Konoha. Shima arrived and said they are in Konoha.  Shima told them to look around.  They saw the mountain where the Hokages’s faces were carved and realized they are indeed in Konoha.  Gamabunta said it couldn’t be.  Shima said that it was obvious who did this because she can sense the same presence as when she fought with Jiraiya.

In the debris, a lot of ninjas were injured.  Katsuyu said she did all she could to surround and protect everyone but it was the most she could do.  Iruka seemed to be unconscious as a minu-Katsuyu tried to heal him.  Shikamaru’s leg is broken and he wasn’t sure what hit them.  Kakashi lay motionless — hopefully and I am hoping with all hope I can muster that he’s alive.  Hinata was protected from the explosion by another shinobi tasked by her father to make sure she is alright.  It seems that her father and sister are not in Konoha.  Kiba is also wounded and covered in debris. 

Tsunade, on the other hand, could not believe the utter destruction that she’s seeing.  She cursed Pain for what he’s done.  Her ANBU noticed the mark on her forehead is gone explaining that she must have released Souzou Saizei Technique and poured all her chakra into Katsuyu to protect the villagers. 

Meanwhile, Naruto is now face to face with Pain.  Pain said his arrival saves him the touble of looking for him.  Sakura and another shinobi with byakugan noticed that it was Naruto who just arrived. 

In the forest clearing, Naraka Path restored Asura Path to life using his Hell Avatar technique.  Konan asked why Pain kept insisting on such madness.  Pain simply replied through Animal Path that it is his justice.  Konan said that by focusing all his chakra into God Realm was risky and it took quite a lot more time for his other bodies to recover.  Konan said that they are coming to him now.

Five bodies then arrived in front of Deva Pain.  Tsunade then came in between Naruto and the six Pains.  She was beyond furious.  She said she is the 5th Hokage and she would never forgive Pain for trampling the treasure, the dreams of those who came before her.  As Hokage, she intends to put a stop to it.  Pain said it looks like she finally understood a little of his pain but that he has no use of her and the one he wants is Naruto.  He sent Asura to finish her off. 

Before Asura could come near Tsunade, Naruto intercepted and singlehandedly crushed Asura into pieces with one strike of Rasengan. 

The one I want...

Pain: The one I want…

Naruto: Is me, right!?

Naruto then told Tsunade that there is no need for Konoha’s Hokage to deal with the likes of Pain.  Meanwhile, Gamabunta saw an image of Jiraiya and the 4th Hokage after Naruto smashed Asura. He asked Fukasaku if he noticed.  He said he did and that Naruto seemed to surpass those who came before him already.



  1. bagai mana yah caramemakai jurus rasenggan ?

  2. kayak nya susah banget!!!!!

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