Posted by: kitpotter | January 29, 2009

Chapter 431 – Naruto Erupts

The battle now begins between Naruto and Pain’s six paths. Naruto asked Gamakichi to take Tsunade to safety and asked her to tell everybody in the village not to interfere because it would be harder for him to fight if he has to protect them at the same time. Tsunade left Katsuyu on him so he could provide naruto the needed information to defeat Pain. Naruto also said that since he’s now using natural energy, he can detect everyone’s chakra, but not Kakashi’s. He asked if Kakashi is out on the mission but Tsunade didn’t answer. Naruto understood and said he gets it. I’m still hopeful, though, that Kakashi is just too weak for Naruto to detect any chakra… I’m a denial queen!  It would be another blow for Naruto if he loses anyone else that is close to his heart. Anyway, let’s get back to the story.

The fight began, after Tsunade was taken away by Gamakichi to safety, with Pain’s Animal Path summoning a giant rhino. The rhino charged on Naruto but he single-handedly stopped it and threw it in the air. A giant dog and Ram were then summoned and charged towards him. Gamaken and Gamahiro charged with Sage Tech Frog Song technique which temporarily stopped the two summoned animals with sound waves from coming near Naruto. With Kage Bunshin technique, Naruto created two giant rasengan — Sage Tech Giant Rasengan — and hit both the dog and ram at the same time. The next one seemed to be quite confusing — naruto instructed three frogs — i think to completely annihilate the ram and the dog summoned because it will be later shown that one of the frogs is seating over the dog and was told to keep silent. I think it was the nine-headed dog that was actually summoned. Naruto, in the meantime, is faced with Preta Path and Katsuyu explained to him that ninja techniques doesn’t work on him because he simply absorbs any ninjutsu. Naruto replied that he’ll just use frog katas then and went charging himself. naruto hit him in the face and Preta Path avoided but since frog katas expands Naruto’s aim, he was still thrown back with a lot of impact. He was last shown unconscious. Now pain’s Deva Path said that he thought Preta Path has deflected the blow. Fukasaku, on the other hand, seemed to be proud that the natural energy seemed to become a part of naruto’s body and then he attacked. He commented that in sage mode, Naruto is more dangerous and his attacks have a greater reach than usual. Naruto said he’ll now put an end to it with his new technique.


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