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Chapter 432 – The Return of the Rasen Shuriken

We left off the last time with Naruto promising to show a new technique. Well, it’s not exactly new but it’s an improved and perfected version of his Rasen Shuriken. I know a lot of you are disappointed but I love it!  He can throw the Rasen Shuriken so his cells need not be affected! Suddenly, it became a long range technique which is  exactly what he needs especially if he’s gonna fight Sasuke in the future.

He summoned two Kage Bunshins just as Pain realized that he is using the same Sage Technique as Jiraiya. He revealed to Naruto that he was also a student of Jiraiya and that since they were fellow students of the same master, they should be able to understand each other. Their master longed for peace. Naruto was furious. He said not to make him laugh and pointed to the destruction of Konoha and demanded from Pain how he can call it peace. Pain said he doesn’t understand peace and that his death will lead to it. His Rasen Shuriken is ready by this time and Shima pointed to Fukasaku Naruto’s chakra. Fukasaku said he didn’t teach Naruto that technique and wondered what he could be planning.

 Surprisingly, Naruto hurled the Rasen Shuriken towards the remaining four bodies of Pain. Both Shima and Fukasaku are both shocked that he could throw a dense, quick-spinning chakra. When the four (Deva, Animal, Human and Naraka Path) initially dodged the spinning Rasen Shuriken, Naruto expanded it to take down Human Path. Animal Path again summoned a bird to avoid the impact. Pain commented that Deidara was right when he mentioned that Naruto is hard to reason with.

The Improved and Perfected Rasen Shuriken

The Improved and Perfected Rasen Shuriken

 The scene now shifted to Shikamaru who noticed the ongoing fight. One of Katsuya’s slug told him that it’s Naruto and that he was able to master the Sage Technique and is fighting Pain all by himself. The slug also told him that Naruto asked no one to interfere. He was outraged and said that he’s trying to act cool, that the village was destroyed by that one person. His father, though, stopped him, explaining that Naruto is on a whole new level having mastered the Sage Technique and that the best teamwork that they can provide Naruto is not to get in his way and wait.

 Meanwhile, Gamabunta, Gamaken and Gamahiro are still fighting the summoned Nine-Headed Dog. While Fukasaku told Shima that they need to cut the Rinnegan’s connection. At the same time, Pain realized that Naruto’s Rasen Shuriken used up a lot of his Sage chakra. Naruto noticed it as well and realized he can’t stay in Sage Mode for long. He decided he needed to finish off Animal Path at least before that happens.

 Fukasaku then gave instructions to throw Gamabunta towards Naruto. Gamatatsu is then shown to use a Sage Tech Dust Cloud to block Pain and Naraka Path’s view. Animal Path found himself surrounded by complete darkness just as Deva and Naraka avoided Bun’s sword. When Pain regained sight of his surroundings, Naruto and Animal Path are gone. Meanwhile, Naruto used Double Rasengan on Animal Path. When smoke billowed out of Bun’s mouth, Pain realized that Naruto and Animal Path are inside Bun’s stomach. When the deed was done, Bun spit both Naruto and the defeated Animal Path outside. Naruto is no longer in Sage Mode.

 So what will happen next? I wonder what Pain’s counterattack would be. And what would Naruto do now that he’s no longer in Sage Mode? It’s getting more exciting. Still hoping Kakashi’s alive, though.

Finally!!  I’ve completed the manga before the next Chapter comes out tomorrow.  But like I said I have a job interview tomorrow afternoon so I’ll be getting home late again.  But I’ll make sure the summary is done by Saturday morning.  Meanwhile, you can check out the spoiler below for Chapter 433.  There should also be Anime Episode 94 available by tomorrow.  You can check it in my mySpace profile tomorrow or probably Saturday.  It depends if I will still have time to get online before or after my job interview.  Just visit and look under View My Videos.  It’s saved there in the favorite section.



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