Posted by: kitpotter | January 30, 2009

Shippuden Episode 94 – A Night of Rain

I just got home.  As expected I was late, it’s almost 12 midnight now.  I’m too tired so I’m not gonna summarize the manga tonight but I’ve seen it and all I can say is “whoa!”  It’s good, though it’s gonna leave you hanging on a cliff.  But hey, that’s what makes Naruto so darn addictive in the first place, right?  It leaves you at the edge of your seat. 

Anyway, the 94th Episode is alread posted in MySpace.  And I’ve attached another link where you can watch it directly.  If you go to my MySpace profile page, underneath my Meez Picture, just select Videos under the drop down “View My” and go to Favorites.

Here are the links:

If you guys want to download it, you can visit under Anime Updates.

At least these sites are the ones I usually visit since they usually produce the animes in one complete package rather than in installments like YouTube.  If you’ve got any other good sites, just buzz me!

Anyway, in this episode, Orochimaru wants Guren and Yuukimaru’s power to become one.  For what purpose, we have yet to find out.  So, Kabuto gave orders to Guren to take Yuukimaru with her back to the HQ where those who survived the fight for survival are waiting.  Kakashi and the team of Kiba, Shino and Hinata are still searching for them.  Shino was able to find an insect that will be immuned to Guren’s Crystal Technique.  Naruto is still training with Gamakichi and Gamatatsu,with Konohamaru with them.  Tsunade, on the other hand, called on Yamato to aid Kakashi along with Sai and Sakura and not to let Naruto know the mission has something to do with Orochimaru. 

This is actually a filler arc and not available in the manga.  In the manga, Guren’s character appeared after Sasuke reversed Orochimaru’s jutsu and possessed his soul. Also, right after Naruto defeated Kakuzu in the manga, the story shifts to Sasuke who is unwilling to actually give Orochimaru his body and therefore ends up possessing Orochimaru instead.  I think this particular filler started from episode 91.  There’s actually another one, if I’m not mistaken, episodes 65-69 are also filler arcs.  But I’ll confirm that some other time, probably tomorrow.  Haha!  Let me double check my anime and manga comparisons! He-he.



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