Posted by: kitpotter | January 31, 2009

Chapter 433 – Sage Technique Failure

Okay, this is gonna be a bit hard since it’s mostly action sequences. But it’s really good because it shows that Naruto is no longer a no-nonsense-guy.  He can execute his attacks quite well. 

We left off the last time with Naruto coming out of Sage Mode after he issued a Twin Rasengan on Animal Path.  Naruto said that even in Sage Mode, he can only do two Rasen Shuriken which means he only has four left.  At this point, the statement is quite confusing because in the first place, he is no longer in Sage Mode.  However, this will be made clear later on.  Shima told Fukasaku they should fuse with Naruto but Fukasaku told him it’s impossible because the nine-tailed demon fox in Naruto is rejecting the fusion.  However, he told Shima that he and Naruto has found a way for Naruto to reach Sage Mode again.

Meanwhile, Deva Pain started his attack.  He said now it’s his turn.  As he was charging towards Naruto, Gamabunta intervened and tried to hit Deva Pain with his Yakuza sword while Naruto took out the scroll he brought with him.  Gamabunta’s action is actually a diversion for Naruto to ran towards a safe place to summon from the scroll but Deva Pain was fast and even before he can execute his plan, Deva Pain was already blocking his way.  Fukasaku then arrived from his right and told Naruto to give him the scroll and that he’ll do the summoning.  Naruto threw the scroll to Fukasaku and challenged Deva Pain to attack him.  Deva did attack him and Naruto tried to dodge the hits.  Gamabunta shouted to Naruto to get out of the way but Naruto told them to stand back because he’s going to use Sage Mode and he does not want them to be caught up with his Rasen Shuriken.  But Gamabunta said no more bravado. 

Fukasaku, on the other side, however, opened the scroll and did a Reverse Kuchiyose no Jutsu – a reverse summoning.  This one’s amazing because I don’t think anybody could have guessed this was possible and when it was done, all I could say was, “Oh, yeah.  Why didn’t I think of that?” There are two Naruto Bun Shin in Myobokuzan sitting under the waterfall – under the flowing frog oil.  As soon as Fukasaku did the reverse summon, one of the Bun Shins appeared in the scroll and Fukasaku immediately told Naruto to end the Kage Bunshin technique. When the technique ended, Naruto instantly transformed back to Sage Mode and tried to hit Deva as he attacked.  Deva was hit and thrown backwards. 

Fukasaku explained to Shima that Naruto did a Kage Bunshin before they left Myobokuzan, infusing them with Sage Chakra, then left them there.  Now, they can summon them from Myobokuzan using the scroll at anytime and once summoned, the Sage Chakra goes back to Naruto.  So, now we know how he figured out looking left and right at the same time.

Naruto immediately created a Rasen Shuriken and hurled it towards Deva Pain.  But surprise, surprise!  Preta Path, back from the dead, came in front of Deva Pain and took the blow himself and absorbed it to Naruto’s astonishment.  He realized he’s the Pain who absorbs ninjutsu but that he thought he was already dead.  Then he saw Naraka Pain with his Hell Avatar monster and Naruto realized he is the key – he’s the Pain that revives the others from the dead.  He now figured why during their formation, Naraka is the one furthest back.  Deva on the left is the one to look out for since he can repel any attack and draw anything towards him.  Naruto now noticed how strange it is that he hasn’t used his powers yet.  However, he knew he needs to get the one in the back first before he deals with the rest. 


Naruto cast smoke bombs to block the three Pain’s eyesight from his next move.  Then, we see another flying Rasen Shuriken.  Preta Path is in front absorbing the technique when it transformed into Naruto. Naruto hurled towards him and pulled him down so that his Rasen Shuriken could penetrate Preta’s defense and strike Deva Pain at the back.  Unfortunately, Deva Pain’s strength has returned and he repelled Naruto’s second Rasen Shuriken. However, coming from above, another Naruto came dashing with a Sage Tech Double Rasengan and hit Naraka Path from the head which caught Deva Pain off guard.

The next chapter, based on the teaser will be Sage Mode Naruto vs Full-Strength God Realm.  I wonder what else is on Naruto’s sleeve? Pain uses Rinnegan, which is like the ultimate in the ninja world.  How is Naruto going to overcome that?  Will he use Kyuubi’s power if worse comes to worst?  Since based on the Bijuus info, Kyuubi has an unlimited supply of chakra and he’s undefeated but his overwhelming chakra could may very well destroy Naruto as well. We can take note that the other jinchurikis used the power of their bijuus when they were being captured by the Akatsuki.  I can’t wait for the next installment and see what happens!





  1. Just because using the sage mode it wont be a failure if naruto is strong.But thinking that he is strong it will be a failure about it is it correct that he is the strongest in the world because that the nine-tales is inside him or he is just weakest in the world.

    • i’m not sure exactly what you mean… ??

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