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In my previous blog about Naruto Shippuden 94, the filler is aptly called The Hunt for the Three-Tails arc.  It seems that the experiment conducted by Kabuto with Yuukimaru is that Orochimaru wants to confirm if Yuukimaru can indeed control the Three-Tailed Beast.  There is also an ongoing assumption that Yuukimaru may well be the jinchuriki for the three-tails or probably a relative since his appearance looks similar to the guy pictured in Manga Chapter 420, they share an almost similar hair color and violet eyes.  However, in the manga, it is said that the Akatsuki has captured all except Hachibi and Kyuubi.  Hopefully, this filler will give us an insight as to who exactly is Yuukimaru and what happened to him before the Sasuke killed Orochimaru.

The Three-Tails Host and Yuukimaru

The Three-Tails Host and Yuukimaru



  1. well… i’d say that… maybe Yuukimaru isn’t really the one in the left picture…

    The host in the left picture is from Hidden mist …
    while Yuukimaru is lost to his own family.

    and it’s soo impossible for Yuukimaru to be the host of the 3 tails, because the host in the left picture looks so much older than yuukimaru.

    that’s my first opinion… my second opinion would be.

    Yes, there is a BIG resemblance in their looks…eyes, hair… green outfit 😛 ahaha…

    soo.. what’s to hide? Guren dies, i know… i feel it. But what if Guren is the mother of Yuukimaru, that Orochimaru experimented on and can’t remember a thing about her past that’s why she can’t remember Yuukimaru…

    There’s this soft feeling that Guren feels whenever she’s around Yuukimaru…

    anyways.. i moved away from the topic… third opinion would be…

    yeah >_> maybe Yuukimaru isn’t the host of the Sanbi at all 😛

    Thanks for letting me comment ^_^
    I hope no one was offended… ^_^ i’m just trying to say my opinion… 😀

  2. I dissagree with the fact that Yuukimaru can’t be the jinchuurki, the pc may have been from a few years later than the three tails arc, and they do look crazy simlar. He also could have gotten away from Oro-teme ad joined the mist, thogh mst admt that sounds unlikely ^-^.

    Plus, Guren can’t be Yukimaru’s mother since I’m pretty sure they show a clp of her when she left him and told him she’d be back, she had the sae har colour as him.

    Also, they showed a flashback of Guren being taken by Oro-teme and she looked like she was about 14- much too young to have kds.
    I thnk she jst gets that soft and fuzzy feeling when she’s around him because he trusts her and sees her as another huan being instead of a scary lady with a special ability or as a commander, he sees her as a friend.

    Just thought ‘d say what I thought, I am in no way trying to insult you or your views:)

  3. Yuukimaru is a filler character.

  4. nah guren killed yuukimarus mother and feels guilty bout it…. thats why shes nice to him and now she feels she has a special bond.

    and who said the person standing in the oppisite pic to yuukimaru is a chick it could be a guy despite appearances.
    and you no the colour of eyes and hair could be just a coincidence….

    but i prefer conspiracys so il tell you my theory
    when and if the jinchuurki has a child a small part of the massive source of chakra from the tailed beast is transfered to the child giving the child some power over the beast.
    this power like the jinchuurkis can only be called apon fully wen raw emotions are present drawing forht the power within them…. but thats just my theory.

  5. Its possible but again it seems different from Yuukimaru. But I wish he would be, it would be cool. Any ways Guren killed Yuuki’s mom because Orochimaru orderd her to do it…So Guren isn’t Yuukimaru’s mom.

  6. i think its is yukimaru he just grew. for some reason yukimaru and naruto will meet again and naruto will see the new yukimaru well that person from the left = D ( it think)

  7. Ummmm for u guys tht didnt knw it is tue tht Guren did kill his mother and also she cant be his mother. Also he can control the 3 tails so tht leads on to morre info tht he is the Jinchuuriki in the left picture and also Guren isnt dead it looked like she was but if u see at the end the Crystal with the Camilla in it isnt shattered to pieces also at the end Yuukimaru,Guren and that other guy tht can turn int mud was walking to some place so tht should clear things up 🙂

  8. The guy on the left is the former mizukage… they are two different people…

    • thanks! i just found out about that recently when the current mangas came out.

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