Posted by: kitpotter | February 6, 2009

Chapter 434 – Naruto vs God Realm

Finally, it’s out. 

So, the last chapter showed us Naruto executing his attack on the three Pains.  Naraka and Preta are both down.  Naraka Path’s head is crushed on the ground while the other Naruto is holding Preta down and about to be hit by Naruto.  Deva realized that Naruto had slipped in the smoke and jumped beforehand.  Just then, the Naruto that crushed Naraka is about to strike Deva and the other about to hit Preta when Deva used his Shinra Tensei and repelled both Narutos.  Gamabunta, Gamahiro and Gamaken charged on Deva Pain all at the same time but Deva easily defelected their attacks.  Naruto asked what kind of technique was that.  Katsuyu said that it seems that Deva’s power is back and explained that it must have been the same power he used to destroy Konoha and realized that the more power he uses, the longer he must wait to use that power again.  Naruto is quite in a fix because he can’t use either ninjustsu or taijutsu on Deva.  Katsuyu told Naruto that Choji said that there is a five second interval before Deva can use his power again and Naruto said he’ll use that interval.  Fukasaku said they will just need to use an illusion like before – probably referring to his last fight with Jiraiya.  However, Naruto said he doesn’t know how to use illusions.  Fukasaku said he’ll do it. 

Meanwhile, Deva uses Shinra Tensei again on the three summoned frogs.  All three of them were thrown away.  Because of their impact, Konoha’s ninja noticed someone is fighting and the mini Katsuyus explained that it’s Naruto fighting Pain by himself.  Kiba said that they will just need to have faith in him. Even Hinata wanted to help Naruto when her guardian confirmed that it’s him but he told her she must not interfere or she might just be a burden to him. 

Fukasaku said that he’ll need to do the genjutsu but will need time because he will need a lot of Sage Chakra.  Naruto said he’ll go for the five-second interval and that Fukasaku can do the genjutsu as soon as he’s got enough sage chakra.  Fukasaku was worried because Naruto has only one clone left to focus his sage chakra.  Once it’s gone, he won’t be able to stay in the battlefield long enough to focus his sage chakra and he’ll only have five minutes in Sage Mode.  Shima asked why didn’t Naruto created more clones and Fukasaku explained that it was not easy looking left and right at the same time and two clones are all Naruto can manage.  And Naruto said because of two clones focusing on sage chakra, he can only do three clones in the battlefield because if he makes any more, it will interfere with the clone focusing on sage chakra. 

The scene now shifts and a glimpse of Human Path, Animal Path, Naraka Path, and Asura Path are shown.  All of them are down but I’m not sure if showing us a glimpse of them would mean that they can still be revived.  However, Preta Path seems to be standing beside Deva Pain.  Then, using Bansho Tenin, Deva dragged Naruto towards Preta.  Naruto was arm-wrestled from the back by Preta.  Deva told him that he will not kill him because he is his precious host after all.  Naruto said it doesn’t even hurt and that he should not underestimate him when he’s in Sage Mode.  He said it’s his turn but Deva cut him off.  He told Naruto that him in Sage Mode is really quite troublesome.  Then, Preta started absorbing his Sage Chakra.  Slowly, the mark in Naruto’s eyes disappeared meaning he’s no longer in Sage Mode.  He seemed to be unconscious afterwards then Deva said that the nine-tailed fox has been captured. 

Goodness!  What will happen now?  Deva Pain is so strong.  He’s not the even real Pain yet for that matter. Nagato is still somewhere out there and there’s also Konan to be considered.  Where is she in this fight? 

Do you think Naruto, in the worst case scenario, use the Kyuubi’s power?




  1. yes,i agree with you…..

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