Posted by: kitpotter | February 6, 2009

NS95 – The Two Charms

Unfortunately, I am unable to upload videos in this blog but you can watch it from this link:

You can also download from

Anyway, the episode continues with Naruto still training with Gamatatsu and Gamakichi.  Guren and Yuukimari have reached their destination.  Naruto also found out about the secret mission through Sai who is unable to lie successfully.  So he demanded Tsunade that he be allowed to join them.  When Tsunade asked him why he should be permitted to join, awww…. it was so sweet.  He told Tsunade that he needs to tell Sasuke that he has a home he could return to.  Also, Jiraiya wrote Tsunade a message about trusting Naruto.  I suppose anime lovers are already being given a preview that Jiraiya is about to die soon enough.  But that’s another story.  Kakashi and the team of Kiba, Shino and Hinata, on the other hand is still on the hunt for the enemy.  Guren has decided that she needs to take care of them.  Before Guren left, Yuukimaru gave her a charm with a red camellia design. Yuukimaru remembers his mother through her. 

Nothing much really happened in this episode.  Since I’m unable to upload videos here, I’m trying another blog and if successful, I’ll post the link here instead in the future.


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