Posted by: kitpotter | February 28, 2009

Chapter 435 – Bansho Tenin

I’m quite curious on the introduction on the first page of this manga.  It says, “He had killed Jiraiya, stolen Kakashi, and destroyed the village…He was too strong.”  The phrase, “stolen Kakashi” is a bit confusing.  What does he mean stolen.  He didn’t say “killed” like with Jiraiya, rather “stolen.”    So, does that mean I can hope Kakashi’s still alive?

Anyway, the face-off continues.  Naraka Path is absorbing Naruto’s sage chakra but Naruto said it’s not over yet.  Deva comments that he’s too persistent while Fukasaku is telling him to hang on.  Just then, Naruto had an idea.  Since he can’t move, it’s the perfect opportunity.  What he did is that he tried to absorb more natural energy.  And Preta Path started to turn into a frog!  Naruto said that natural energy is hard to control.  By absorbing too much sage chakra, Naraka Path turned into a stone! Naruto used his strength then to remove himself from Naraka’s hold.  His broke free from his stone arms.  Naruto said that it’s only Deva left but Katsuyu told him that these Pains are merely puppets and someone else is controlling them in the shadows. Shima and Fukasaku, on the other hand, are ready to cast their Genjutsu.  Fukasaku tried but He was summoned by Deva Path’s technique.  Deva told Fukasaku that he’s had enough of his illusions.

The scene shifts to Shikamaru, Shikaku and Shiho.  Just then, Ino, Inoichi and another ANBU carrying Shizune arrived.  They informed Shikamaru what happened to Shizune.  Shikamaru said that they can’t let her death go to waste and that they can’t mourn yet until they have figured out Pain’s secret and find the real Pain.  Shikaku asked Inoichi if he can locate it using his technique but Inoichi said he already tried but that Pain constantly changes chakra frequency. 

Meanwhile, Gamabunta and the rest of the frogs are down and unconscious.  It seems only Gamabunta is at least semi-conscious feeling hurt all over. He said that it seems all the bones in his body is broken. 

The scene shifts back to Naruto and we see Fukasaku stabbed by Deva Pain.  He then quickly overpowered Naruto and using his Bansho Tenin, pinned Naruto’s hands to the ground.  Fukasaku is dead and Naruto is stuck in the ground.  He asked Deva Path who he really is, what he really is and what it is that he wanted.  Deva said yes, they can talk.

Back to Shikamaru and the rest of the information gathering team, Shika said that they can use the information from everyone who’s had contact with Pain using Katsuyu.  He said that even the dead might have left clues behind.  With that comment, Inoichi suddenly remembered something.  Have he figured it out already?



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