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Chapter 436 – Peace

The scene begins where we left off hanging.  It seems that Inoichi has figured out where the real Pain could be hiding.  He said he remembered that when he was in the mind of the Amegakure ninja that Jiraiya captured, it was his job to transport corpses.  He goes to further explain that logically, the person sending chakra should be as close as possible to the one receiving.  But, this man, of all the towers in Amegakure, takes the bodies to the tallest tower.  He said that the man said that he has heard a rumor that Pain lived in that tall tower.  And the woman who appeared in the Amegakure’s mind is the same woman who appeared to them as Animal Path Pain.  He said it must mean that that tower must be a laboratory where all the chakra transmitters are inserted into the corpses. Shikamaru asked how it is related to Pain’s true location.  Inoichi said that it’s the best location to transmit chakra signals.  He said that by using the tallest tower, Pain can transmit chakra over long distances.  The ANBU said that must mean that the real Pain must be in the highest location near Konoha.  So, Shikamaru said they must make a thorough search of anywhere high up.  Finally, they figured it out!  I’m so excited…

The scene now shifts to Naruto and Deva Path.  Pain is now talking.  He said even if Naruto ask him why he is doing all these, his answer will not change anything.  He said his goal is something that not even Jiraiya could achieve.  He said that through justice, he will bring peace. But Naruto demanded how he can bring justice and peace when he’s destroyed his master, his teachers (does he mean Kakashi?  T_T), his friends and his whole village.  Pain asked him what does he want. Naruto replied by saying he wants to defeat him and bring peace to the world of ninjas.  Pain said that’s wonderful and that’s justice.  But using Naruto’s words, he said that his family, his friends and village was destroyed, too.  (awww…)   He added futher, “Do you really think the ninjas of Konoha are the only ones allowed to talk about peace and justice?”  Naruto asked what he means.



Pain said that the Land of Fire, and Konoha, have grown too big.  The nations make war to protect their interests, and for national gain.  If not, the people would starve.  But that the battleground was always his small village and each time, their land was laid waste and the people are left impoverished.  After many wars, the great land stabilized but their small country was left to bear the wounds of the war.  He said that they want the same thing.  They both want the peace Jiraiya spoke of, that they are no different and they are both working for the same justice.  He goes on to say, “The justice I have meted out gainst Konoha is exactly the same as you are trying to mete out against me.”  He added that everyone feels that pain of loss the same.  They both know that pain.  He said Naruto is working for his justice and him for his, that they are ordinary people driven to revenge in the name of justice.  But if revenge is justice, then that justice breeds yet more revenge and becomes a chain of hatred.  He said that to know history is living within it, being aware of the past and predicting the future.  And thus, cannot help but know that people can never understand each other because the world of ninja is ruled by hatred.

Naruto then remembers that time he and Jiraiya were talking where Jiraiya said that even he knows that hatred is spreading,  and that he wants to do something about it but don’t know what.  However, he believes that someday the day will come when people truly understand one another.  He entrusted Naruto to find the answer. 

Pain now ask Naruto how he would face this hatred in order to build peace.  Naruto has no answer.  Pain said that he created “Akatsuki” to break that chain of hatred.  (Now, here’s a point of discussion because Madara is also claiming he “founded” Akatsuki.)  Anyway, Pain said he can achieve that and that is why he needs the power of the nine-tailed demon fox.  He said he can build a weapon far more powerful than what it took to destroy Konoha.  It will be able to destroy an entire land in an instant.  The world will know pain and the fear of that pain will put an end to war and lead to the world of stability and peace.  Naruto countered that’s not real peace but a lie.  But Pain continued and said that people are stupid and that if he doesn’t do this, there will be no peace.  And eventually, time will pass and the pain will heal, the checkmate’s power will weaken and people will start fighting again and they will use the weapon themselves and once more know pain.  And in a short period of time, peace will come again.  His wish is to give birth to short periods of peace within the endless chain of hatred. Here, the real Pain is shown with Konan by his side. 

The real Pain looked weak and sickly.  He is so thin his ribs are showing.  He is seated in some sort of contraption with six legs.  Six black cords spring out from his restrained arms connected to a beam on the wall behind him. He coughed up some blood and Konan is asking him not to overdo it since he’s used too much chakra.  But he said that he can already see peace.

Nagato, the real Pain

Nagato, the real Pain


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