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Chapter 437 – Confession

This manga starts with Hinata seated in a corner with Naruto’s back on her.  On the side, it says, “I don’t want to lose him, he feels so close to me, I’ve always felt this way.”  We’re already given an idea that this chapter has something to do with Hinata and the title “Confession” along with that should mean Hinata’s finally baring her feelings.  This is gonna be one of my favorite chapters.

Nagato, or Pain, continues his speech.  He said Naruto said his peace is a lie and counters that in this world, a peace where people truly understand one another is nothing but a fantasy.  Naruto shouted that he is wrong and that Jiraiya believed that day would come.  Pain said he is all talk and can do nothing about it except give him the nine-tailed fox.  That his death will lead to peace. 

Meanwhile, Shikamaru and the rest decided that they should split into two to look for Pain but in case they find him, not to do anything rash.  Shikamaru said there should be a detection ninja in each group if possible. Shika told his son to stay where he is with Shiho and Shikamaru said that unfortunately he really can’t move afterall.  The ANBU instructed Katsuyu to let everyone in the village who can still move and stand to help them out.  Team Gai, on the other hand, is almost back in Konoha when they saw Gamabunta. 

Deva Pain, on the other hand, has pinned Chakra blades all over Naruto.  He told him he avoided vital organs but he won’t be able to move.  Shima shouted to Naruto not to listen to him no matter what he says.  She told him he is the child of the prophecy who will save the ninja world so he cannot lose.  She reminded him that Jiraiya and Pa gave their lives for him because they believed in him and that they’ll never forgive him if he gives up now.  Pain said she is too noisy and silenced her with a shinra tensei and said it is time for him and Naruto to go.  But before he could take Naruto with him, Hinata arrives. 

Hinata said she won’t let him lay another finger on Naruto.  Naruto told her to get out of there and that she is no match for him.  But Hinata calmly said she knows that but that she is just being selfish. Naruto was flabbergasted.  But Hinata said she is there on her own free will.  She said she used to always cry and give up, and nearly went the wrong way but he (Naruto) showed her the right way.  She said she was always chasing him, wanting to overtake him, wanting to walk with him and be with him.  That he changed her and his smile saved her.  She told Naruto she is not afraid to die protecting him because she loves him. 

Hinata's Confession

Hinata's Confession

Naruto was surprised and speechless.  Hinata then attacked Deva Pain.  But Hinata is no match for him.  She was immediately blocked and rendered unconscios with a Shinra Tensei.  When Deva is about to stab her with the chakra blade, Naruto shouted for him to stop.  But he stabbed her anyway in front of Naruto’s eyes.  He said that is just the way his parents were killed by Konoha ninjas in front of his eyes and added that love breeds sacrifice which breeds hatred and then Naruto can know pain.  Naruto’s anger could no longer be contained.  (I knew this would happen!)  Naruto finally loses control and with a huge menacing ball bursting from him, he transformed into six tails.  Remember that his last transformation is only four tails when he fought Orochimaru.  Now, it skipped the fifth and went on to a six-tailed transformation.  Pain asked if he hates him.  If he thinks people will undertand each other like this.  But Naruto seemed to already lose his consciousness to the demon fox.  The appearance of six tails brings Naruto’s body as close to the demon fox as possible, to the point where the demon fox’s bones form out of the intense chakra around his body.  But Pain is still unfazed.  He said that his pain is still greater than Naruto’s.

Six Tailed Transformation

Six Tailed Transformation

What will happen now?  I hope Hinata is not yet dead because I really like her.  I like her more than Sakura and I think she’s better suited to Naruto.  And what will happen to Naruto?  Will he be able to break out from this transformation?  What damage could it do to himself?  He skipped the 5th tail transformation altogether.  When he was on the 4th tail, Yamato already had a hard time suppressing him and he ended up hurting Sakura.  Would he be able to control the Kyuubi like Killer Bee contolling his bijuu?  So many questions.  I can’t wait for the next installment. 



  1. I think it`s really cute and all, but Hinata just jumping in like that, and dying (possibly alive) just makes Naruto feel worse. ):

  2. i don`t think sakura can get married to naruto
    this is because she is very insolent and to crown it all she is in love with sasuke uchiha

  3. hmmm… a lot seemed to vote for sakura.

  4. hinata-chan is not gonna die ya know. i voted for hinata! 😀

  5. after naruto is done fighting pain he is going to help hinata and go out with her after what she said change naruto completle his fillings to

  6. hinata is not dead pain used a jutsu to bring them back

  7. I voted for Hinata. I didn’t hatel nor dislike Sakura, or even Narusaku. This is just my personal opinion to whom I want Naruto to be paired to. That’s why Im so dissapointed at some websites arguing/badmouthing Naruhina and Narusaku. I hope Mashimoto would witness polls/voting like this for him to justify further what mass people and fan wants and greatly prefer. GODBLESS everyone

    • me too, i love hinata for naruto

  8. I loved the way Hinata just came out and said it without any hesitation. I hope shes still alive. Love the way the story is written were the main characters are killed off. At first I was mad cause they really grew on me, but then all day at work it was bugging me on what the hell the writers were thinking, then it hit me. The message they are trying to present is no matter how bad ass you are, war has no favorites. You win some, you lose some. It makes the story more realistic.

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