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Additional Naruto 438 Spoilers


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NARUTO’s 10th Year Commemorative Teaser


Hinata says, “Naruto kun…Na…”

I know it’s short, but it helps those who cannot sleep since friday last week. This means she’s still alive (and about to die by the looks of it).

by: Kaeruu



Text from pictures

First Pic/second pic:
Naruto turns to Kyuubi…
Kishimoto Masashi 438: Fuuin Hakai (Seal Release)!!!
Sakura: This chakra’s feeling… from that time!!!
Gamakichi: What’s going on?!
Hyuuga: Hinata-sama went out to help Naruto-kun!!!
Sakura: It…. It can’t be!!!

Third pic: Uoooooo!!!!

Fourth pic: Hinata: Na… Naruto-kun

Fifth pic:
Sai: (Note: can’t read, sorry)
Anko: (Note: same here)
Sign on Yamato’s palm: Six (6)
Anko: What’s wrong?
Yamato: (Note: can’t read first part.)… Six [tails]…Impossible!
Yamato: Emergency situation!

Sixth pic/seventh pic::
Naruto: Uoooooo!!!!
Nagato: Tendou is close to ten minutes.
Tendou: Chibaku Tensei (Surface Burst Heavenly Star)


Status: CONFIRMED Spoiler


Pain’s jutsu isn’t working on Naruto.
Rather damaging Pain himself.
Hinata is barely alive.
Sakura is told to evacuate everyone.
Outside Yamato, Anko and Sai are searching for ?Kabuto?
Yamato becomes aware of Naruto’s situation.
Next week: Pain standing against Kyuubi’s energy.
“Chibaku Tensei”.

Chibaku Tensei (地爆天星) – Surface Burst Heavenly Subjugation.

A “Surface Burst” is a type of explosion where the blast is at surface level or just above surface level, such that the radius of the fireball causes a crater and sends a shockwave through the ground. In contrast with an “Air Burst”, the overall destructive radius of a surface burst is smaller but the destruction at ground zero is more concentrated. Usually used to describe nuclear explosions.



サクラ:このチャクラの感じ… あの時の…
Sakura: The feeling of this chakra… Like that time…
Sakura: What’s happening!?
Hyuga: Lady Hinata has gone out in attempt to help Naruto!

Sakura: W…what!? (i.e. impossible, it can’t be, etc etc etc.)


ナ… ナルトくん..
Hinata: Na… naruto..


Anko: What’s wrong?
ヤマト:自力で… 六本なんてありえないぞ。
Yamato: T… that’s impossible, he achieve 6 tails on his own!
Yamato: This is a pressing situation! Forgive me but (got cut off here)


Nagato: You’ve gotten close enough to the Deva Path. (i.e. That’s as far as you go)
Deva: Chibaku Tensei

by: kokuu


Status: CONFIRMED Spoiler

The bones around kyuubi it’s throughout the body; (??)
Naruto talk with kyuubi, the talk isn’t seen, only kyuubi answered: “alright”;
Kyuubi with a punch in floor raises everything;
Pain see something stranger;
Hinata it’s in one of 6 tails of the kyuubi;
Pain notes that chakra of kyuubi it’s healing hinata in her injury on the breast;
Tsunade and Sakura join with shikamaru and the other;
Tsunade cry to know of the death of shizune;
Pain doesn’t maked follow the speed of kyuubi, he appers tired; (??)
Zetsu appers behind Pain;
Pain: “It’ll not be easy, I will use that”;
Zetsu: “This will let you immobilized for a long time”;
Pain: “Doesn’t matter, you take kyuubi for the place intended”;
Chapter ends with Pain making seals.



  1. Well then.
    chibaku tensei- alright.

    I actually predicted that the 6 tails would withstand shinra tensei. That’s my first correct prediction. Haha.


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