Posted by: kitpotter | March 6, 2009

Chapter 438 Preview

Naruto in his six tailed form is much stronger, and definitely a lot scarier.  The necklace which tried to contain him failed.  Instead, Naruto broke it.  Hinata is barely alive.  None of Pain’s jutsu worked on him, similar to the anime that came out awhile ago, where Guren’s technique failed on the three tails.  And that’s just the three tails.  This is the nine tailed demon fox which none of the other tailed beast have ever defeated.  Deva ran away to get closer to Nagato so Nagato could perform his secret jutsu, Chibaku Tensei. What that jutsu could do, we’ll find out next week.  Hahaha!

Unfortunately, I have to get to work so I can’t delve on this chapter in detail yet.  I’ll work on it tomorrow morning as soon as I get home from work.  But right now…  that’s pretty much the summary.


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