Posted by: kitpotter | March 6, 2009

NS 99 – The Rampaging Tailed Beast

NS99 – The Rampaging Tailed Beast

So, Orochimaru did plan to capture the Three Tailed Beast!  Yuukimaru can indeed control the three tails — that was the experiement afterall, but only up to a certain point, it seems.  And Guren’s role is to contain the beast with her Crystal Style Jutsu.  However, the three tails is too strong even for Guren.  None of her Jutsu worked on the three tails.  Naruto also finally discovered that the person Yuukimaru is returning to is with them.  Guren also used all her chakra in the end to protect Yuukimaru from the three tails’ rampage.  There’s also in the end, like a dimensional gate where the three tail disappeared to after Yuukimaru, for the last time, tried to control him.

The episode can be downloaded also in and later in the afternoon, the scanlated manga chapter 438 should be out in


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