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Chapter 438 – Breaking the Seal

The last chapter showed Naruto transforming into kyuubi with six tails.  Sakura immediately sensed the same chakra as when Naruto transformed with four tails before when he fought with Orochimaru.  She was told that Hinata tried to save Naruto when she asked what’s going on.

The scene shifts back to Deva and Kyuubi Naruto.  Hinata is also shown with blood sprouting from her mouth.  Since Naruto is wearing the First Hokage’s necklace, it immediately tried to send some white energy all over him, probably to contain his transformation.  Even Deva was surprised with what it is that is trying to keep hold of Naruto.  He wondered if it was some sort of seal.  But almost immediately, Kyuubi Naruto grabbed hold of the pendant and crushed it with his hands.  The seal was immediately broken.

Kyuubi Naruto Breaking the Seal

Kyuubi Naruto Breaking the Seal

Deva then used Shinra Tensei. But, as expected of the strongest and most powerful bijuu, Kyuubi Naruto was not even affected.  He just reflected the technique back to Deva and he was flung back with an extreme force.  Hinata seemed to be semi-conscious calling Naruto’s name (but probably only subconsciously as it was not inside a dialogue balloon).  Then Deva tried to cast Bansho Tenin as well to no effect.  Naruto simply crushed his technique which created a huge explosion.

Hinata is still alive

Hinata is still alive

Sakura asked the guy from the Hyuga clan what seems to be going on.  He’s not sure what to say but he can see six tails and that Naruto might just transform completely at the rate he’s going.  Sakura was aghast, knowing full well the destructive power of the Kyuubi.  She immediately told Katsuyu to tell everyone to get out of there and take shelter.  The other Katsuyu immediately informed Shikamaru and the rest of his team to get to safety because the part of him that is with Naruto has conveyed the power of the nine tailed fox.  Inoichi said he thought Yamato and Kakashi had already done another sealing technique on Naruto.  Katsuyu explained that Hinata fell trying to protect Naruto which triggered his transformation.

Meanwhile, Yamato is with Sai and Anko outside Konoha and it seems that they were on a mission to locate Kabuto.  Just as Sai has located Kabuto, a number “6” appeared on Yamato’s palm.  He was also astounded.  He said that Naruto broke the seal and is currently in a six tailed mode.  He said it’s an emergency and he needs to return to Konoha immediately.

Deva is now seen with his clothes torn apart and Kyuubi Naruto emerging from the rubbles caused by his Bansho Tenin.  He acknowledges the amazing power of the Kyuubi.  He changed direction and ran away from the attacking Kyuubi Naruto.  The shinobi from Hyuga clan informed Sakura that they are getting further and further away from the village, that it seems like Deva is running away from Kyuubi Naruto. Gamatatsu laughed but Sakura said it is no laughing matter.  She said it’s their chance to get Hinata, then someone needs to do something about Naruto because in his Kyuubi form, she explained, Naruto does not recognize friend or foe and he’ll attack anyone.  In the meantime, she will try to get hold of Yamato.

However, Deva is not really running away from Kyuubi Naruto.  Instead it was his intention to get closer to Nagato’s position.  When Nagato felt that Deva is near enough, he performed another jutsu… Chibaku Tensei!

Chibaku Tensei

Chibaku Tensei

And what that jutsu is, we’ll find out next week.

I wonder what this jutsu will do.  They have so far captured seven out of nine bijuus already.  Kirabi was probably spared simply because he chose to be smart, than actually fight Sasuke and his team.  Is the Akatsuki that strong to capture the bijuus?  According to my previous blog on the bijuus, in the Japanese myth the Kyuubi is the strongest and undefeated bijuu for a simple reason — he’s got an unlimited amount of power.  In the ninja world though, the Rinnegan is a dojutsu which presumably led the groundwork for the Sharingan and Byakugan.  It’s the jutsu of the Sage of the Six Paths which is believed to have founded the ninja world itself and considered as a god technique.  Will it defeat the Kyuubi or will the Kyuubi withstand it?  Naruto is after all the main character of the series, he can’t die, can he?



  1. dude it is totally possible for him to die in the series. Think of the Bible. God/JEsus is totally the main charaacter but then He rises from the dead….





    • you have a point but the keyword there is “resurrection”…

      apart from Chiyo, is there anyone else out there who knows the resurrection technique? if i’m not mistaken, it’s only chiyo who actually mastered the technique after it was considered a forbidden technique. i think it was only gaara who survived that way… the akatsuki members as well, but quite differently as they have certain techniques to actually “not die.”

      besides, wouldn’t it be scary if they get hold of all the bijuus?

      enwei, tnx 4 d comment…

      feel free to share your thoughts or ideas…

  2. for an ultimate “ninja”

    you would think Pain could actually fight instead of just

    repelling and attracting forces -_-. . .

    It’s pretty dumb in my opinion.

    • yeah… although we have to admit they are really useful techniques. but as he’s supposed to be using god-like techniques, our expectations are so far haven’t been met. but let’s wait and see.

  3. I dont think naruto will die just the technique will disperse the six tailed form, remember he still has one sage clone left on the frog mountain if i’m not mistaken and plus naruto still needs to defeat sasuke who’s become insanely powerful due to his ultimate sharingan. Maybe at one point due to something or another naruto will acquire the rinnegan because i dont know if naruto can beat the sharingan without it.

  4. I would just like to clarify one thing, Bansho Tenin didn’t ‘fail’ Pain simply used the techniqe to redirect Kyuubi Naruto’s Chakra blast. The same one he used against Orochimaru. Pain sense the coming attack and used Bansho Tenin to slam a rock into Naruto’s Head. Thus redirecting the blast.

  5. thanks 4 the clarification, caleb.. got confused there myself. i wasn’t sure if the chakra blast was from Naruto or Deva.

    for trevor, as for Naruto acquiring the rinnegan, i don’t think so. if you remember, they’re jutsu’s that are passed down by blood… in other words, it’s within the family genes. kakashi only got the sharigan because his friend Obito allowed his eye to be transferred to him upon his death…

  6. I believe naruto might come to poses both sharingan and bayakugan since kakashi wanted to talk to naruto before kakashi dies and hinata doesnt look like she’ll survive either so she may give him her eye. Also if you look back before sasuke and Itachis battle itachi makes naruto swallow one of his genjutsu crows and if itachi predicted kakashis possible plan to give sharingan to naruto then itachi may have given him an edge over sasuke in their final battle. (sry its so long and off subject but I needed to tell someone.) 🙂

    • dude… the thing is though… itachi never said anything about sauske havigng to go to the village… he wanted sauske to be a hero, why would he want to ive a runt like naruto an edge?

      • because somehow he knew that sasuke will simply not accept his decision to kill his whole clan just to make sure konoha remained peaceful. i guess, he predicted that madara might corrupt his mind. isn’t it one of the reasons why amaterasu was immediately activated when sasuke first met madara? he needs someone to make sure someone can stop his brother and save him in case he follows the wrong path.

  7. exactly

  8. This is great! Yeah I read this chapter and I loved it. Can’t wait til this comes out in anime! 😀
    (If you have time, please read my blog! :D)

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