Posted by: kitpotter | March 8, 2009

Things I can’t wait to find out in the Naruto Manga

While waiting for the next anime episode and the next manga, we’re left to speculate about things that might happen. I’m sure as the series continues, while some questions are answered, new ones just seem to pop out. Right now, here are some shortlist of things I’m curious about.

Things I can’t wait to find out in the Naruto manga: (in no particular order)

1. What happened to Kakashi? Is he alive? Or is he really dead?

2. What kind of technique is Chibaku Tensei? Will it defeat Kyuubi?

3. Will Kyuubi be extracted from Naruto, if not by Pain, but somehow in the future chapters?

4. Will Hinata, barely alive, survive? If so, will Naruto reciprocate her feelings? Or will he still hope for Sakura’s love?

5. When will Sasuke finally reach Konoha? When he does, what would his reaction when he sees Konoha already destroyed? Will he still aim to eliminate the elders as well as the people of Konoha that survived?

6. The Kage from Amegakure sent envoys to Konoha. Where are they now and what will their role be? Are they going to be friend or foe, knowing that one of the greatest lands has fallen?

7. Will Suna come to Konoha’s aid?

8. Will Yamato be able to help Naruto in his current six tailed Kyuubi form?

9. Both Madara Uchiha and Nagato are claiming they founded Akatsuki. Who is really the founder and the leader of this group?

10. What are Danzo’s plans of taking over? Will Sai join him eventually?

11. Where does Sai’s loyalty lie?

12. Will Naruto become Hokage eventually?

13. What does the contraption where the bijuus are sucked into do?

14. Jiraiya left a key scroll before he died. He said it is for Naruto. What is that scroll all about?

15. When will Naruto find out who his parents are? Doesn’t he ask who they are, in the first place? When he was young, I’m sure he should have been curious.

16. What technique did Itachi left for Naruto?

So far, these are all I can think of at the moment…



  1. What is going to happen to the 8 tails?

  2. My thoughts

    1. Kakashi is dead. He was shown with his eyes blacked out. This is standard convention for death.

    2. I wish I knew

    3. Right now, we know that losing the jinchuriki kills the host

    4. Hinata, I love you!

    5. Interesting question, as we know that the Sharingan can control the 9 tails. In addition, where does Uchiha Madara fit into this?

    13. Known as the “king of hell”, apparently it concentrates the powers of the jinchurikis

    the rest are super questions. I can’t wait either.

  3. heres my theory., sasuke come to “rescue”, lol

  4. wait naruto still doesnt know who his parents are? i always that he knew cause he wanted to surpass the 3rd hokage which is his dad. and after reading that book that jaryia wrote called the ninja with guts or something while learning sage mode it would be obvious. and those years training with jaryia he might have found out.

    just my thoughts

    • i dunno, that’s why i want to know if he knew… and his father is the 4th, not the 3rd.

  5. I almost responded that Gaara survived by before I wrote it I remembered he was resurrected.

    Where has he been anyway? Such a big character to have just slipped out of the story.

  6. The reader has def seen both of Naruto’s parents. We all know the 4th is his fater, and I think in one of Jiraiya’s memories, you see his mother. But I am not sure if Naruto knows.

    • yeah, that’s one of the things I want to confirm… does Naruto know who his parents are since we are all aware of it already. but based on the next manga spoiler, i think he is just about to find out.

  7. my friend though naruto would be ending soon, but there are way too many questions to answer.

    • what do you mean it will be ending soon?

  8. Chi is the kanji for earth, and baku is the kanji for bomb.

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