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Chapter 439 – Chibaku Tensei

Omigoodness!  I could not believe this chapter.  It was a full transformation!  Nine tails!

Chibaku Tensei

Chibaku Tensei

So Nagato, through Deva Path, cast Chibaku Tensei.  Konan told Nagato he didn’t have to do it as he is in no shape, but he just told her to shut up so he could concentrate. A small ball of energy formed between Deva’s palms and then he threw it into the sky right on top of Konoha.  Then it started to attack everything into it like a magnet.  Rocks, boulders formed into it.  Trees were uprooted.  Even the ground where Kyuubi Naruto is was drawn into it.  It caused Nagato’s nose to bleed even more.  Kyuubi Naruto cast a huge energy ball while he was being sucked into it.  I think, he is still somehow imprisoned inside it when it formed into a huge ball hovering on top of Konoha. 

Nagato's Chibaku Tensei technique

Nagato's Chibaku Tensei technique

Konan told Nagato there was no need to do that but Nagato told him he can’t go easy on him since it is the nine tailed demon fox they were talking about.  He said it was nothing compared to what the Sage of the Six Paths created.  As long as he’s captured the Kyuubi, it was well worth it. 

Meanwhile, we are now able to glimpse inside Naruto’s consciousness.  Naruto is surrounded by darkness and is feeling so much pain.  He’s asking why everything happened the way it did.  Nagato’s question on how he is to face this hatred is ringing in his head.  His helplessness is hurting him.  Then the Kyuubi called his name.  A white energy ball is shown to come out of Pain’s Chibaku Tensei.  Naruto shouted for someone to help him and give him answers. 

Kyuubi spoke to him and told him to destroy everything that hurts him.  He told Naruto that if he gives him his heart, he will save him from his pain.  Just then, the seal formed back into Naruto’s stomach and formed into a different kind of whirlpool like seal.  Until it bled out and Naruto’s eyes went blank, as if all emotions flew out of him.

Naruto's Seal Breaking

Naruto's Seal Breaking

Naruto's Seal Bleeding

Naruto's Seal Bleeding

The number “8” formed into Yamato’s palm.  Yamato said it’s really bad.  But Kyuubi Naruto has then broken out of the Chibaku Tensei with his eight tails.  Instead of the bones, muscles formed out of Naruto’s body while it is breaking free of the huge ball that imprisoned him.  Kyuubi, inside Naruto, is telling him to remove the seal on the gate that is imprisoning him inside Naruto.  Just then, the number “9” appeared in Yamato’s palm. 

Naruto was already holding the seal and about to strip it off when another hand held into his arms.  It’s Yondaime Hokage!  He then pulled Naruto away from the seal.  Kyuubi saw him and recognized him immediately.  Yondaime said that the seal is set that if eight tails are released, he will appear within his consciousness.  He said he didn’t want that to happen as he never wanted to see him again.  However, he looked forward to seeing how his son had grown so that would make them even.  Naruto seemed to be surprised.  He said the word, “But…” so I can’t seem to determine if he knew Yondaime was his father all along or did he find out just now when he claimed him to be his son. 

Naruto's father:  Yondaime Hokage

Naruto's father: Yondaime Hokage




  1. wat a chapter ! wat A chapter !!

    the last 10 or so chapters have been so awesome !! Always leaves me feeling breathless and excited in anticipation for the nxt chapter !!

  2. hello its awsomes !!!!!

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