Posted by: kitpotter | March 13, 2009

NS100 – Into the Mist

NS100 – Into the Mist

The lake is covered in mist caused by the Three Tailed Beast (Sanbi).  Guren is unconscious while Yuukimaru kept watch over her.  Naruto, on the other hand, has had hallucinations about Orochimaru and Sasuke.  He almost hurled a rasengan on Kiba if Kakashi didn’t stop him.  Naruto told them what he saw on the lake.  He would’ve wanted to go back to check on Yuukimaru but Kakashi did not allow him to.  Kakashi also sent Pakkun back to Tsunade to await orders.

Meanwhile, Guren was awakened by a dream about her past.  I’m not quite sure but it seems as if she is the person that killed Yuukimaru’s mother.  When she awoke, she found Yuukimaru beside her before he fell ill again.  Yuukimaru told her she is the person he is supposed to return to.

Back in Konoha, Tsunade received the report from Pakkun and decided they need to capture the Sanbi before either Orochimaru or the Akatsuki succeeded in doing so.  She sent Ino, Tenten, Lee and Shizune to assist Kakashi and the rest of the team in sealing the Sanbi.

Meanwhile, Sakura and Naruto are the first to keep watch.  Sakura saw Naruto in deep thought and went to him.  Naruto said that he was thinking about what Jiraiya told him that home is where someone is thinking about you.  They resolved together to keep thinking about Sasuke no matter how hard it may seem for their thoughts to reach him.  They will never give up.  It was so sweet.  Anyway, after Sakura left to go back to her post, Naruto decided he has to find Yuukimaru, saying if he really doesn’t have a home to go to, then he could come home with him.

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