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Naruto 442 – The Last Gamble!!

Chapter 442

Chapter 442

The chapter begins with Sakura healing Hinata’s wounds with Gamabunta, Katsuyu, Tenten, Neji, the ANBU and the shinobi from Hyuga clan around them.  Neji was wondering why Hinata did what she did.  While Sakura’s expression is a bit complex.  While healing Hinata, she’s thinking about Hinata’s confession.  I can’t place her facial expression if she’s just surprised or if she’s jealous.

The next page shows a pictures of young Nagato with Konan and Yahiko and their older selves as well as young Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke with their older counterpart.  It says that Nagato is the boy that believed in the harsh reality of life while Naruto is the boy who stubbornly believed in his dreams.  Which belief will prevail at the end of the battle, we have yet to find out then.

Chapter 442

Chapter 442

The chapter proceeds with Lee looking over at Shima who is holding on to Fukasaku’s body.  Katsuyu is explaining to Team Gai that Naruto suppressed the demon fox himself and now he’s facing off with Pain one last time.  Sakura was surprised with the news that Naruto was able to do that himself.  Gai told Lee that they should offer Naruto backup but Katsuyu told them that they shouldn’t do that because they will just get in the way.  Lee wanted to help but Katsuyu said that Naruto has a plan and they should have faith in him.

Now, the chapter continues with the previous chapter’s ending.  Upon using Shinra Tensei, Deva Path realizes that it was only a shadow shuriken.  Now, Naruto has five seconds before Deva can use his technique again.  Behind the shadow shuriken is the real Rasen Shuriken.  While the Rasen Shuriken was about to hit Deva Path, two Kage Bunshins tried to put him in place to make sure the Rasen Shuriken will not miss.  However, Deva shot the two clones with chakra blades and was able to dodge it.  The second attack failed as well.  Deva said it’s over since he missed both chances when he realized that when he jumped to dodge Naruto’s attack, he jumped into a field of shadow clones disguised as rocks.  With two seconds left to go, numerous (probably a thousand or more) Naruto clones leapt towards him to attack.  Before the clones could hit him though, time ran out.  But this caused Deva to use the technique again to deflect the clones’ attack.  To his surprise, the clones started bracing the real Naruto.

Shadow Clones

Shadow Clones

Deva shouted to Naruto that if he doesn’t have an answer, he should give up.  Naruto suddenly have a flashback of Jiraiya telling him he believes someday people will understand one another and that he’s leaving it up to him to find the answer, his father saying he believed he will find the answer, and Kakashi telling him he believes he’s the only one who can surpass the Yondaime.  With that in mind, even if the other clones were deflected, Naruto was able to withstood Shinra Tensei with his own will and might.

Naruto withstood the Shinra Tensei

Naruto then started manipulating chakra in his hands.  One clone forming the ball and one clone, holding his other arm.  Deva was calculating that Naruto can make it in five seconds with his distance and he will be unable to repel his attack.  After Naruto was able to form his Rasengan, the clones threw him towards Deva Path, shouting to him that he should be the one giving up thinking he, Naruto, is gonna give up.  Naruto then smashed a Rasengan through Deva Path.  Haha!  Going back to basics!  That’s what I love about Naruto, the simpler, the better.  He smashed Deva with the original technique.  And he used his trademark technique to force him to using Shinra Tensei so he’d be defenseless.  Who would’ve thought Naruto almost failed Ninja Academy before.



Would this finally be the end of the battle?  I can’t wait to find out.  It has been a pretty long arc.  But an awesome one to boot.  Naruto and Sasuke’s fight before Sasuke joined Orochimaru has always been a favorite but now, I think I’m loving this one better.



  1. great!!!

  2. im so like hinata

  3. heyy you iqbal

  4. oi nana ty love

  5. Dammit! I wanted him to defeat him with Rasenshuriken.

  6. naruto your so great, kill him

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