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Naruto 443 – The Meeting

Pain is crushed by the Rasengan!!



That’s the opening statement and that says it all.  All I can say is, “Wow!  He destroyed six Pains all by himself.  Whew! ” That’s more than 10 chapters.  It began with Chapter 430 with Naruto’s return to Konoha.

Nagato told Konan that the last Pain was destroyed.  Meanwhile, Naruto took off all the chakra blades from Deva Pain since the real Pain uses it as a way to transmit chakra allowing Deva to move.  He figured he shouldn’t be able to move anymore once he removed it.

Then, it’s a series of flashbacks.  Naruto thinks back to his conversations with Deva Pain that they are not different from each other.  Rather, they’re quite the same, trying to work for their justice.  Naruto remembered Pain telling him that the justice he’s meted from Konoha is exactly the same justice he is trying to mete out from him.  He goes on to remember him saying everyone feels the pain of loss the same and that he can now understand that pain, but simply understanding does not mean they can come to an agreement.  Naruto forces a chakra blade into his hands remembering Jiraiya, Kakashi, Hinata and the rest of the villagers.  He then remembered Pain saying that revenge becomes a chain of hatred and that he has to accept the truth that people can never understand each other.  That the world of ninjas is ruled by hatred.

Katsuyu, after seeing Naruto forcing the chakra blade into him asked him if he was going and advised that he should take reinforcements.  But Naruto said no and said that he needs to go alone.

082Meanwhile, Hinata is alive and well.  She thanked Sakura for healing her.  Sakura told her that she shouldn’t have done what she did.  The other Katsuyu, on the other hand,  informed them that Naruto has defeated the sixth Pain.  Everyone was surprised.  Lee is happy that Naruto has done it.  Sakura is concerned if Naruto was injured.  Katsuyu reported that he’s exhausted but fine.  Hinata cried with relief with the information. Gai asked where Naruto is now.  Katsuyu told them that Naruto is heading to where the real Pain is now.  Neji reacted that it was reckless and asked Guy that they should go after him.  Katsuyu told them Naruto doesn’t want any help but Neji was insistent saying he’s already weakened and cannot do it by himself.  He demanded Katsuyu to take them to Naruto.

Meanwhile, Inoichi, Shikaku and another ninja from the Hyuga clan are on their way to where they believe the real Pain is located.  When the ninja from Hyuga clan stopped and told them that Naruto is coming their way.  Just then, Naruto appeared.  Inoichi asked him if he’s here then does it mean that he was able to beat Pain.  Naruto answered that winning of losing, none of that matters.  Shikaku asked what he means by that.  Naruto said that it was hard to explain but that he has to find the real Pain and asked them not to follow him.  The Hyuga ninja asked him if he knows where he is.  Naruto informed them that he found him when he was in Sage Mode.  Inoichi demanded why he wanted to go by himself and asked him what really happened.  But Naruto just seem to give vague answers.  He told them there is something he needs to find out.  Inoichi asked what does he need to find out but Naruto only answered that he wants to talk to the real Pain.  Inoichi was angry with his answer.  He said he’s grateful that Naruto defeated Pain but talking will not solve anything now.  Naruto was angrier with Inoichi’s retort.  He asked so what then, should he just destroy Pain and his cronies and his whole village and that’ll solve everything?  But Inoichi said what is the use of talking, Pain is the enemy of Konoha and simply cannot be forgiven.  Naruto said he feels the same way.  Inoichi asked so then, what?


At this point, Shikaku interfered and told Inoichi to let Naruto go alone.  He said since he stopped Pain, he is sure Naruto has a plan.  Inoichi tried to argue but Shikaku insisted they let Naruto go.  Naruto thanked him and left.  Shikaku then had a flashback with him talking with his son, Shikamaru.  He remembered Shikamaru saying he went to talk with Naruto since he’s been feeling down.  Shikamaru goes on to say that Naruto has something no one else does and that he is going to be a very important ninja.  He said that when he is with Naruto, Naruto makes him want to walk with him.  So Shikaku told Inoichi to let Naruto handle it.

Naruto reaches the tree covered with paper.  Naruto entered with Konan standing in front of Nagato.  Nagato told her to stand back.

Naruto asked if he is the real one.  Nagato only replied, “So peace has arrived, eh?”

Naruto and Nagato meet

Naruto and Nagato meet



  1. Nice review and I lol’d at the last panel haha.

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