Posted by: kitpotter | May 28, 2009

Work Schedule dilemma

My work schedule has been through some dramatic changes I have been unable to update this blog in time.  Hopefully, I’ll get a two day straight off next week and I promise I’ll have this updated again…

Anyway, I am so glad about the latest spoiler.  Finally, my prayers have been answered and Kakashi is alive.  Even if I still haven’t seen it yet, I’m already crossing my fingers for tomorrow.

But Sasuke also seemed to be heading back to Konoha.  I wonder then if he will begin another fight with Naruto.  Naruto is still exhausted from his fight with six bodies of Pain.  I don’t think he’d be ready right now to begin another fight.  Although he is a lot stronger now than before.  He’s already defeated two Akatsuki members. The other one having six bodies.


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