Posted by: kitpotter | June 17, 2009

Chapter 444 – The Answer

Naruto and Nagato finally met face to face.  Nagato asks Naruto if he hates him and if he wants his revenge.  Konan tells him that if he kills Nagato, it will not change anything rather, it will only make him feel better.  Naruto remembered Nagato’s words through Deva Pain, how revenge becomes a chain of hatred.  Nagato goes on to say that Naruto can’t do anything, that he can’t even give him an answer.  He said that Naruto’s role is to be the sacrifice that will allow him to bring peace to the world.  Nagato immediately shoots a chakra blade on Naruto’s stomach to control him.  But Naruto was not to be controlled.  Nagato realizes that Naruto did it on purpose.

Naruto said that he came to talk to him and to find out something.  Naruto said that he wants to know how he would feel if he finally sees Nagato.  Nagato asked him what he found out and Naruto said that he cannot forgive him and that he’s trembling with the desire to kill him.  Then, Naruto went to hit Nagato.  Konan is surprised that Naruto could resist Nagato’s chakra.  As Naruto is about to hit Nagato, he remembered Jiraiya and stopped.  He said that Jiraiya said that the day will come when people truly understands each other, that he had faith.  He told Nagato that when Jiraiya told him that he wasn’t really listening, but that he was just glad that he’s got his approval.  He said that he now finally understands what Jiraiya meant although it’s not easy.  Nagato said that that doesn’t change the fact that Naruto can’t forgive him, that love and forgiveness can’t be bought with pretty words.  He added that it is too late for Jiraiya’s idealism. Nagato goes on to say that Naruto said that he will defeat him and bring peace.  He said that if that is an excuse for him to execute his revenge but if that is his justice, that is fine because he’s not a god.  He further asks Naruto if he really believes Jiaraiya even after seeing the reality.

Naruto then said that when he found out that they were both Jiraiya’s apprentice, he wanted to ask him how he turned out that way.  He told Nagato that he doesn’t really know anything about him.  He said that before he gives him his answer, he wants to hear his story.  Nagato said that he’ll show him his pain despite Konan’s protest because he wants to hear his answer.

Nagato’s story begins.  He said that he has two great sources of Pain.  One is is parent’s death, of how Amegakure became a battlefield for war between great countries.  During the war in Amegakure, two Konoha shinobi broke into Nagato’s house looking for food thinking that the house had been abandoned. His parents, believing they were going to be killed, attacked the two strangers so Nagato could escape. Thinking that they were enemy ninja, the Konoha shinobi killed Nagato’s parents, prompting Nagato to awaken his Rinnegan and dispose of the intruders.


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