Posted by: kitpotter | June 17, 2009

Chapter 445 – Top of the World

Nagato’s story continues.  Nagato goes on to say that his parents died for a war Konoha has started.  He said that he can’t forget the pain of that day and that it still hurts until now.  He left home with only a few provisions left.  He grew weak with hunger.  He met and befriend a stray dog he later named “Chibi.”  He knocked on doors begging for food but nobody would help him.  Until he met Konan and Yahiko.  The three of them decided to stay together and look after one another.  They stole to be able to survive.  He said that there were no orphanages in a small village like theirs.  He further added that through everything that they’ve been through, Yahiko never have up hope.  He said that Nagato has a dream to rule the world and be on top of the world.  That when Yahiko is on top of the world, he’d be able to do anything.  He said there will be no wars.  One day, they got caught in a battle crossfire between the Legendary Sannin and Hanzo, resulting in Chibi dying in Nagato’s arms. This infuriated Yahiko to the point of declaring that he would become a god to stop all madness, which eventually became Nagato’s desire.


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