Posted by: kitpotter | June 23, 2009

Chapter 448 – Memento

Naruto’s answer is that he will not kill Nagato.  Nagato asked him if he should just sit there and wait for him to bring peace to the world.  He told Naruto that there is no such thing as real peace as long as they live in their world.

Naruto replied that he will break the curse.  That if there is no such thing as peace, he will find it.  He said that he will not give up.  With those words, Nagato was taken aback.  Nagato asked him about those words.  Naruto said that those were the words written from Jiraiya’s first book.  He said that Jiraiya wrote it to try and change the world and that the end says that Jiraiya was inspired by a pupil of his which is Nagato himself.  He told Nagato that the main character’s name is Naruto.

Nagato then had a sudden flashback.  When Jiraiya was still with them, he spoke to him.  He and Jiraiya was talking about hatred and peace.  He was telling Jiraiya he doesn’t know how to achieve peace but that he would break the curse and if there is no such thing as peace, he will find it and never give up.  That faith is better than any plan.  And with those words, Jiraiya was inspired to write his book.  He remembered Jiraiya thinking of  a name for his main character.  When Jiraiya left them to return to Konoha, he left them the copy of his book, “The Legend of the Gutsy Ninja.” It’s the story of the Gutsy Ninja told in Chapter 416 where the main character said the same exact words that Nagato told Jiraiya.  And when the opponent asked him his name, he said that his name is Naruto.

Legend of the Gutsy Ninja

So Naruto told Nagato that his name is a precious memento of Jiraiya so he cannot give up and stomp on that memento.  He further added with determination that he will become Hokage and make sure there will be peace even for Amegakure and told Nagato to believe in him.

Nagato then remembered Jiraiya’s words and the good times they spent when he lived with them.  He told Naruto that they studied under the same master and that he told him that they should therefore we able to understand each other.  He said that when he said that he was joking but Naruto reminds him of himself when he was younger.  He said he couldn’t believe in Jiraiya but Naruto chose a different path.  He said that if he can see a different future, then he will believe in him.  Then, Nagato started making some hand seal. What technique could that be?

I will believe in you


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