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Chapter 449 – The Flower of Hope

Gedo Rinne Tensei no Jutsu

Gedo Rinne Tensei no Jutsu

Gedo Rinne Tensei no Jutsu.  This is Nagato’s Outer Path: Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique. Konan was aghast as Nagato muttered the technique.  But before she could protest, Nagato told her that it’s enough.  He said that he has a new choice, a choice he had given up on.

Naruto asked Konan what that technique is.  Konan explained that he who controls the Rinnegan is a master of all six Pain’s techniques.  That people say he is outside life and death.  Konan explained that Nagato is the 7th Pain, able to control life and death.  Konan reflects on Nagato wanting to follow Naruto thinking how a child changed him completely.

Back in Konoha, Nagato’s technique appears in the middle of the destruction.  One by one, Fukasaku, Shizune, and all the people of Konoha that was killed during this invasion were revived.  Everyone was asking what is going on.  Shikaku commented to Inoichi that it seemed like Naruto has taken cared of things.

Back in Myobokuzan, two frogs converging over a crystal ball sees that the fight is over as it was foretold.  The frog commenting that he never thought that two of Jiraiya’s pupils will be the children of prophecy, the ones to lead a revolution in the ninja world.  He added that maybe it was meant to be the day Jiraiya decided not to give up and that his book was really the key to changing the world.

Meanwhile, the story shifts back to Kakashi’s conciousness.  He was speaking with his father.  His father was saying that he thought that they’d both die so young.  Kakashi told his father that regardless of what happened, he did his best and that he now understand that he broke the rules for his and his mother’s sake.  He told his father that he is now proud of him.  His father thanked him and then a flash of light grabs hold of Kakashi from the back.

In the meantime, Naruto is still unaware of what is happening in Konoha.  The chibi Katsuyu told him that the villagers are being revived.  He was shocked but Nagato said that there’s still time to save those that he killed when he came to Konoha and it’s the least that he could do.

The scene shifts back to Kakashi being taken hold of the light.  Though it is not clear whether this has something to do with Nagato’s technique or Kakashi’s fighting spirit.  His father says that it seems it is not yet his time, that there’s still some things he has to do.  He told Kakashi he was glad he was able to speak with him and thanks him for his forgiveness.  He said he can finally move on and be with his mother.  Kakashi wakes up.  (Whew!  Finally after a dozen chapters!!!  He is alive!!!) He asked what happened and Katsuyu offered to explain what is going on.

Hatake Kakashi is alive!!!

Hatake Kakashi is alive!!!

Back in the tree where Nagato and Naruto are, Nagato’s telling Naruto about war bringing death and wounds and pain on both sides, and that there is nothing harder than to accept the deaths of those you love so his generation who hasn’t known war tries to find meaning in death but there’s only pain and hatred they don’t know what to do with.  He told Naruto that war is dying like trash, neverending hatred and pain that never heals.  He said that this is what Naruto has to face.  He said his role is over and Nagato is gone.

Konan wraps both Yahiko and Nagato in paper.  Naruto asked if she’s taking Deva’s body as well.  Konan said that God Realm Pain is created from Yahiko’s corpse and therefore, very special to them.  Naruto asked if she’s going back to Akatsuki and Konan said that she’s through with Akatsuki.  She said that Yahiko and Nagato were everything to her.  She said that Yahiko and Nagato’s dreams were entrusted to him and therefore, he is now their dreams.  Nagato beilieved in him and therefore, she will believe in him as well.  That Amegakure will help make that dream come true.  Naruto replied that his name, the guts to never give up and pain is what his master and fellow pupil has given him.  Konan conjured up a bunch of paper flowers and handed them to Naruto saying that this time, she hopes that this time, they will be flowers of hope that never die.

The Flower of Hope

The Flower of Hope

The scene now shifts to another place far from Konoha.  Sasuke is telling his comrades that it is now time to leave for Konoha.

Sasuke's Revenge

Sasuke's Revenge


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