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Chapter 450 – The Joyful Village!!

Naruto's Welcome Committee

Naruto's Welcome Committee

Kakashi catches an exhausted Naruto and carries him back to the village with everyone welcoming Naruto. Kakashi tells him that everyone’s been waiting for his return.  Naruto was definitely surprised. Kakashi remembered Naruto saying that his dream is to be greater than a Hokage and his existence be acknowledged.  Katsuyu told him that he told everyone what happened.

Naruto was then engulfed with cheers of welcome and his friends rushing to his side.  Naruto is then greeted by Sakura who punches him being rash then embraces him and thanks him later.  Hinata, Team Gai, Team Kurenai and Team Asuma, Kakashi and Iruka watched him with pride.

Meanwhile, Zetsu, perched on a nearby tree overlooking Konoha, watched as Naruto was greeted by everyone and decides to report back to Tobi about Pain’s defeat.

In the middle of celebration, an ANBU appears behind Shikaku and tells him that there is an emergency meeting and he’s being asked to report to the council meeting immediately.

Back in Akatsuki’s Headquarters, Tobi reports that Pain is defeated and Konan is not coming back.  Tobi said they will need another pawn to sync with Gedo Mazo.  He then instructs Kisame to find the eight tailed beast while he needs to attend to another matter.

The scene now shifts to the three shinobis sent by the Raikage to Konoha — Samui, Omi and Karui.  They’re a bunch of funny characters.  Anyway, they have reached Konoha and found it in total destruction.

On the other hand, Tsunade and lying unconscious.  Kakashi, Naruto, Sakura and Shizune are standing around her.  Since she used Katsuyu to protect the village, she has been unconscious since then and they’re not sure when she would wake up.

A council meeting is being held at the same time.  As they were talking about rebuilding Konoha and cooperating with other countries to fight Akatsuki, Danzo interrupts by saying that they should also consider who would be the next Hokage.  Shikaku immediately nominates Hatake Kakashi.  A lot seemed to agree but are considering his age and his teaching coming from the 3rd and the 4th Hokage as well as from Jiraiya.  Danzo comments then that the 3rd Hokage’s teachings have as good as destroyed the village.  He further added that Nagato who was once a student of Jiraiya destroyed their village as a result of symphatizing with other countries.  He said that that sort of thinking is weak thus leading to Sand’s betrayal, Orochimaru’s plan to destroy Konoha, formation of Akatsuki and Sasuke leaving the village for his own secret purposes.  He said that the Hokage that Konoha needs now is a man who can put an end to their wretched situation and bring change to the ninja world and reinforce laws that govern them.  He said that that person is him.  The head of the council immediately says it’s decided that Danzo will become the 6th Hokage.

Hmmm… it’s not a joyful village afterall…



  1. Cool!

  2. Well, i’ve learned a lot! It was very interesting and breathtaking to read about the future in Naruto(my favorite anime series). Good continuation and waiting for more!!!

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