Posted by: kitpotter | June 23, 2009

Chapter 451 – Dealing With Sasuke

The village is now being rebuilt.  With Yamato’s technique, he conjured up lots of houses made from his wood technique. Meanwhile, Naruto and Sakura are talking about Tsunade’s condition.  Naruto is sad about her condition and that he has so much to tell her.  Sakura is cheering him up assuring him that she will wake up soon enough.  Out of the blue, Tazuna and Inari from the Land of Waves appeared.  They said they came to help Konoha reuild their village.  Kakashi arrived and greets the newcomers.  They told him that as soon as they heard what happened, they immediately came. When Tazuna asks where is Sasuke as he wanted to speak to him too, Naruto tells only part of the truth, him and Sasuke “having a fight” in which resulted Sasuke to leave, and Naruto saying he would bring him back. When Tazuna and Inari went their way to help, Naruto says he finally understands how Sasuke felt.  He said he now knows revenge.  He goes on to say that he thought he understood before and now realizes why nothing he said to Sasuke got through.  He suddenly cheered up and said if he can’t understand Sasuke’s pain, he can’t laugh with him and that it was no wonder Sasuke would not even fight with him.  He said this time, even if it might hurt, he wants to fight Sasuke for real because he wants Team 7 to laugh together again, Sasuke included.


Meanwhile, Sasuke and his comrades are on their way to Konoha.  Sasuke is in deep thought, remembering his family and Itachi saying this is the end.  He said that if he accepts Itachi’s will, it would be nothing but talk.  He said it’s the nonsense of those who don’t know hatred.  He’ll kill anyone who rejects the way he chose his path and he’ll kill their loved ones so that they can understand his hatred.  Sasuke is another Pain in the making.

Meanwhile the three messengers have sought a Konoha ninja to ask what happened and was informed that Akatsuki has attacked the village.  They said they’re in Konoha to seek an audience to the Hokage to deliver a message from the Raikage.  On the other hand, the Konoha ninjas assigned to receive and decipher messages just received an urgent request demanding an emergency meeting of the five Kages.

Samui, meanwhile, is taken to see Tsunade and finds out from Shizune that she’s unconscious and that since she’s the aid, she can take the letter.  But she says that they need to speak with the one in charge as it is urgent when Danzo arrives and says that Tsunade is no longer Hokage.  He declares that he is the new Hokage.  The letter is about Sasuke.

Kiba finds Naruto, Sakura and Kakashi and tells them that Tsunade was dismissed as Hokage and a new guy named Danzo was declared as the 6th Hokage.  He further declares that the new Hokage has just given permission to kill Sasuke.


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