Posted by: kitpotter | June 23, 2009

Chapter 452 – Closing in on Danzo!!

Naruto demanded from Kiba what he meant by that.  Kakashi explained that the elders are not even willing to wait for Tsunade to recover and it is not at all surprising.  He said it is true that Sasuke is a missing-nin and the usual punishment for that is death.  He said Tsunade was only lenient that Sasuke hasn’t been killed yet.  Sakura said she’s going to talk to Danzo but Kakashi stopped her saying that storming there will not solve anything.  Naruto said that he’s going there as well.  Kakashi told them to calm down.  With that, Naruto said he won’t let anyone lay a finger on Sasuke.  He was about to go but Kakashi held him off.

Kakashi said that Danzo knows that he will react that way.  He asked what he will do once he face Danzo.  Naruto said he’ll attack him and make him change his mind.  Kakashi goes to explain that the Jonins may not have voted yet and Danzo is Hokage for the time being.  He said that Naruto can get thrown into jail.  When Naruto said he doesn’t care, Kakashi goes to explain further.  He said that the nine tailed beast is within him and therefore, Danzo wants to keep him in the village.  If he does go to him, he’ll be playing right into Danzo’s hands and he won’t be able to look for Sasuke so he needs to stay calm.

Meanwhile, Danzo is speaking with Sai.  He wants Sai to keep an eye on Naruto and instructed him to tell him immediately if he does anything out of the ordinary.  Sai asks him what he plans to do with Naruto.  Danzo said that Naruto is considered a hero right now and the villagers believe in Naruto more than they believe in him so if he does anything to Naruto, it will reflect on him as Hokage.  He said that with the vote coming up, it’s a critical time.  However, he goes on to say that Naruto is a host and therefore, he needs to keep an eye on him.  He said he won’t be as weak as Tsunade.

Outside, Sai is reflecting to himself if he should just relax when he met up with Naruto and Sakura.  They want Sai to tell them more about Danzo.  Sai said he can’t talk about Danzo because of a cursed seal placed by Danzo on all foundation members of the root division.  He said that if he talks about him, his whole body will be paralyzed and he will be unable to talk or move.  He said that Danzo and the foundation are top secret, that they have done dirty deeds to protect the village so Danzo has to be sure no information can get out even if they get captured.  Sakura asked how could Danzo do that to his men.  Sai said that that is how he protected the village and though they may not approve of his methods, he cares about the village.  Sakura then asked how could he then go back from his promise to Tsunade not to kill Sasuke.  Sai said he didn’t know about that.

Just then, Omi and Karui showed up pointing a sword at Sakura asking them what they know about Sasuke since they seemed to be friends with him.  A fight broke down between them.  Sakura then noticed that they’re Kumogakure ninjas and asked what they were doing in Konoha.  But Omi ignored the question and asked what they know about Sasuke since they were talking about him.  Sakura demanded what does it have to do with them.  Omi replied that Sasuke attacked their village and that he took their master.  He said they don’t even know if their master is dead or alive.  Sakura asked why Sasuke would do that.  Omi only replied that who knows what Akatsuki wants.  Naruto was confused as to why they referred to Akatsuki and both replied that Sasuke is a member of Akatsuki.  They told them that their Raikage sent them to Konoha because Konoha let Sasuke, a missing-nin, run free.  They added that they now have permission to kill Sasuke from the Hokage and they will have their revenge.  Naruto was shocked that Sasuke attacked their master and has become a member of the Akatsuki.


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