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Chapter 453 – The Night Before the Five Kages Meet

Sasuke and his team are on their way to Konoha when Uchiha Madara appeared before them. Karin was noticed that his chakra appeared out of nowhere.  Sasuke asked him how he knew where to find him and what he wanted with him.  He said that Taka is out of Akatsuki and that they have no further use of them. Madara reminded him that if he betrayed Akatsuki, he will kill him and that he broke his promise about delivering the Eight Tailed Beast to them. He told them that they brought a fake much to their surprise.

Suigetsu reiterated that it is no longer their business. Madara said that they will finish the job as part of Akatsuki but that at the moment there is something else he wanted them to do. Sasuke asked what if he said no. Madara said that they will need to fight him to get to Konoha and Sasuke said that he will force his way through. Sasuke went to fight Madara but he just slipped right past him and Madara replied that it is too late to go to Konoha. He told Sasuke it is futile to go to Konoha as it no longer exists.

When Karin asked what he meant, Zetsu appeared beside Madara and said that he will explain. Karin asked who he is and Madara said that Zetsu is with hjim. He immediately asked Zetsu who the new Hokage is and he was informed that it Is now Danzo. It did not seem to surprise him. He said he thought as much that it was bound to happen.

Sasuke, on the other hand, is surprised that Danzo is Hokage. Madara explained that Danzo is one of the elders of Konoho who drove his brother to do what he did. Sasuke asked him what happened in Konoha.  He told him that Pain, one of his minions, have destroyed Konoha.  And that since both he and Pain have caused such a commotion, the Five Kages decided to make a move and hold a meeting. Zetsu went on to explain the details.

Meanwhile, back in Konoha, Omoi and Karui are still demanding from Naruto, Sakura and Sai information regarding Sasuke. They want to find out what are his styles and techniques, what they have learned about Akatsuki and Sasuke’s allies. Sakura said they must be kidding because Sasuke would never be a part of Akatsuki. They asked her what is Sasuke to her but Sakura could not answer.  She could only cry.

Naruto, more calmly asked them if they were sure about Sasuke being an Akatsuki. They told him that they saw the Uchiha crest and that the description matches. Karui started shouting at Sakura for crying.  He demanded why is she the one crying and that he cries will not bring their master and Yugito back. He said that if she’s got the time to cry, she had better tell them what they know about Sasuke. From here Sai interfered and said that if the order to kill Sasuke has already been sent out, the village would be able to provide them the information they need and that they don’t have to pressure Naruto and Sakura.

Karui informed them that their leader Samui is already being briefed but that they want to find more information. Omoi added that they cannot just sit around not knowing what happened to their master. He added they couldn’t possibly know how they feel.

Naruto then asked them if their master is a host. Karui was surprised and asked how he knew. Naruto explained that he is a Jinchuuriki as well and that Akatsuki is after them. He added that this is also his fight. He explained to them that Akatsuki needs them alive and so their master could still be alive. He told them that they should rescue their master first before going after Sasuke.  He said that he wants to come with them and that he will give them the information they need about Akatsuki. However, they still wanted information about Sasuke as well. Kamui asked him his name.

Meanwhile, Zetsu has finished telling Taka about what happened in Konoha.  Suigetsu further asked that a person by the name of Naruto defeated Pain. Zetsu said that Naruto has gotten a lot stronger and that he is probably much stronger than Sasuke now. Sasuke said he doesn’t really care. He said that the Five Kages are the problem now. Suigetsu asked what he’s going to do now that Konoha is gone and that his target Danzo will be at the meeting.

Sasuke said that the plans have changed and that they are now going to the meeting.  Karin asked where the meeting will take place and Zetsu offered to show the way.  Zetsu then split his body in two, the black and white separating a forming two separate bodies.

They went ahead and followed Zetsu.  Jugo asked Sasuke if they could trust them.  Sasuke said that they will see what happens and if he does anything funny, he will use Amaterasu.  He goes on to say that there is something he wanted to test out anyway.

Meanwhile the black Zetsu that remained with Madara said that it went well. Madara said that no, it did not as Nagato betrayed him.  That he was supposed to use Rinne Tensei for him. He said that even if Sasuke becomes more powerful than Nagato, it is no use if they are unable to control him.  He said that he can’t sync Sasuke with Gedo Mazo for awhile and that they need to wait and see. Zetsu said he was surprised he accounted the possibility of Nagato’s death.  He said it was a possibility he did not really want and that Naruto has put a wrench into their plans. When Zetsu asked what he would do, he said that he’s had enough of being cautious and that it is time to implement the “Moon’s Eye Plan.”

Back in Sunagakure, Gaara leaves for the meeting along with Kankuro and Temari.


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