Posted by: kitpotter | December 12, 2009

Chapter 454 – The Five Kages

This chapter is pretty interesting as we finally meet the other Kages from the other Lands aside from Konohagakure and Sunagakure.

The Five Kages set out to go to the meeting.  First we see the Tsuchikage of Iwagakure – the Hidden Village of the Land of Earth. He is an old Kage.  With him is Kurozuchi and Akazuchi who were reminded by the villagers to take care of their Tsuchikage, Onoki. Onoki commented that it is a pain for a man his age to go to a meeting.  Kurozuchi suggested that he retire, then. That he could not rely on his former glory forever.  Akazuchi tried to help him with his luggage but was told off saying he doesn’t need his help.  But as soon as he took his luggage his back and hips started to ache.  Kurozuchi suggested he send somebody else then but he said that he is the Tsuchikage.  Akazuchi told him he can carry his luggage but then he carried him along with his luggage anyway.

In Kirigakure, the Land of Water, the villagers are also sending off their Mizukage, Mei Terumi. An elder seemed to hand her a headgear symbolizing her authority. She is accompanied by two guards.  Chojiro and Ao.  Chojiro looks like he is captivated bythe Mizukage.

Back in Kumogakure, E, the Raikage is still waiting for news.  He is also on his way to the Summit Meeting along with his guards, Shii and Darui.  He looked impatient and broke through the window as he left while his two guards decide to use the door.

Back in Konoha, Karui and Omoi have Naruto cornered.  Sakura and Sai are not in sight.  They are are still demanding information from him about Sasuke.    Naruto replied that he cannot betray Sasuke.  He remembered all his friends and Sasuke being a Konoha ninja once and Sakura begging him to return Sasuke to them. He remembered his father’s words as well as Nagato’s words about hatred.  He told them that his reasons may be selfish but he will not sell Sasuke out.  He explained that he understands that they want their revenge but that if they kill Sasuke, his friends will in turn take their revenge on them as well.  And so it will be a never ending cycle.  That friends they were supposed to protect will end up killing one another.

Omoi asked Naruto what are they supposed to do with their hatred then.  Naruto told them to hit him.  As much as they want.  Karui said that it’s a little too convenient and started hitting him.

Meanwhile, two root members are reporting to Danzo about trailing Anko – the examiner during the 2nd Chuunin Exams and who was once Orochimaru’s subject of experimentation.  They are asking if they should have her assassinated but Danzo said it is not the right time.  Anko, it seems, is looking for Kabuto and Danzo wants to find him before she does.  Danzo wants to get the information on Orochimaru’s experiments from Kabuto, saying it will be useful for his right arm.


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