Posted by: kitpotter | December 22, 2009

Chapter 455 – Bond

Danzo prepares for the conference.  He left instructions to Terai, one of his Root members, to keep watch over the Kabuto business.  Meanwhile, he takes Fu and Torune to accompany him to the summit meeting.  He also asked Torune to set some of his men to watch over Naruto.  It seems that he no longer trust Sai completely.  He wants to make sure Naruto does not leave Konoha.

Meanwhile, Naruto remains passive as he let Karui and Omoi hit him.  Finally, Sai interferes as Karui sets off another hit on Naruto.  Karui warned him not to interfere since this is what Naruto wanted.  But Sai reprimanded Naruto saying there’s no need to get beaten up for Sasuke’s sake.  Naruto said it is his decision.  He said Sasuke has done nothing but hurt him.  Karui interrupts that if he keeps interrupting, then he will beat him as well.  Omoi finally steps in and said beating them up will not get them anywhere.

Omoi told Karui that Naruto did promise to help them look for Killer Bee.  Karui countered that it is not like him to trust Naruto’s words.  He said that after all that beating, Naruto would not sell out his friend and that even if he’s an ememy, he liked him. He is man who is not hasty with his words and no matter what they do, Naruto will not sell his friend out.  Just then, their leader Samui arrived.  Omoi informed her that Killer Bee may still be alive and that they should look for the Akatsuki.  Samui said they need more information, that they cannot search the Akatsuki’s hideout one by one.  She does not want another repeat of what happened with Yugito.  She said they should report directly to the Raikage.  Naruto asked them to take him with them as he wanted to speak with the Raikage himself. But Samui said he can’t let him meet the Raikage since they don’t know him and the Raikage doesn’t have a full guard at the moment.  Then, they left.

Naruto then asked Sai to take him to Kakashi and Yamato.  Back in the tents, Sai fixed him up and suggested to have Sakura look at him.  But Naruto does not want to explain to Sakura and said he heals quickly.  He apologized and thanked Sai.  Sai was surprised at Naruto apologizing and thanking him.

Kakashi, looking over them recalls an earlier conversation where Sai had to explain what happened.  Sai asked him if the bond Naruto and Sakura has with Sasuke really that important even if it causes them so much pain.  Kakashi then posed him a question as an answer – why he was helping Naruto when he was supposed to watch him. He said Sai probably knows the answer to his own question then.

Kakashi told Naruto to rest for awhile but Naruto insists he wants to see the Raikage.  Kakashi asked him what he will do once he meets him.  He replied that he’s going to convince the Raikage to forgive Sasuke.  Yamato was angry.  He said he no longer has the seal anymore and as the host, should not leave the village anymore.  That the last time the seal broke, eight tails emerged.  That he was lucky the seal worked at the time and held back the fox.  He added that he also needs to rebuild the village and therefore, he cannot be with him all the time.  Naruto stopped Yamato’s rambling by quietly saying that he met the Fourth Hokage.  All three of them were surprised.  Naruto went to explain that it was the Fourth Hokage that stopped him from becoming the nine-tailed beast.  He told them that the Fourth told him that the guy with a mask with Akatsuki  was behind the fox attack on Konoha 16 years ago.  That he was so strong not even the Fourth could defeat him.  He told them that he was behind everything and was simply using Pain.  And that if Sasuke has joined Akatsuki, then he must be using him too.

Kakashi recalled Jiraiya’s fear that it was Madara Uchiha, the Uchiha missing-nin who hated Konoha so much and had the power to control the demon fox.  Naruto remembered the name mentioned by the Kyuubi when he met Sasuke.  So Naruto asked who Madara is. Kakashi explained that he is the former leader of the Uchiha clan who defeated the First Hokage.  He said they need to tell the elders and that Sai needs to tell the current Hokage.  Kakashi asked Naruto what else did the Fourth tell him.  When Naruto did not answer, he commented that fathers usually have things to say to their son.  Naruto looked just about ready to cry then smiled broadly declaring that his father told him that he has faith in him.  Kakashi said great and told Naruto that he and Yamato will go with him to see the Raikage.  Much to Yamato’s surprise.

Meanwhile, Danzo, on his way to the summit meeting was suddenly attacked.  Surprisingly, Danzo’s eyes that is being covered actually has a Sharingan eye.


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