Posted by: kitpotter | December 22, 2009

Chapter 456 – Naruto Departs

Danzo was attacked by assassins with covered masks.  However, as all of them strike all at the same time, Danzo struck once and all of them died at once.  It goes to show how much power Danzo has.

Naruto is also about to leave for the summit to meet the Raikage.  He is all set.  Kakashi, on the other hand, is giving Sai some instructions.  He told him that when he reports to the Hokage, don’t tell him that Naruto is gone.  That he has not made a move just yet.  Sai said Kakashi still does not trust him. Kakashi replied that he was sent to spy on Naruto but that he is also a member of Team 7.  He has faith in him.

I love Sai’s facial expressions.  It’s like it’s the first time he’s finally able to feel.  He loves the camaraderie and at the same time, so confused about all of it.  His loyalty is still a question and I didn’t like him the first time.  But now that he’s becoming more human and less of a robot, I’m starting to feel warm towards him.

Meanwhile Danzo’s attackers were explained as remnants of the Hanya Assassins from the Land of Wood that they assassinated.  Danzo said that the ninja world is an ascetic world.  That he is proud his name is not well-known.  He added controlling the public and the shadows will strengthen the village.  He said his time has finally come and he will make sure he will be accepted in the conference that the Jonins will have no more clams accepting him.

Scene shifts back to Naruto and this one is quite funny.  He is face to face with Konohamaru.  Under the bushes hiding are two of the Root members assigned to watch over Naruto.  They were wondering what’s going on since Naruto and Konohamaru are standing still with serious faces, as if they are about to launch a fight.  Both started making seals and chanted Oiroke no Jutsu! Unfortunately, we don’t see the end results as the scene shifts to Kakashi puttingthe two Root members under a genjutsu.  He commented to the two unconscious ninjas to dream of Naruto for a while and apologized if they were not able to witness the Oiroke no Jutsu since they were so curious about it.  He then continued to watch over Naruto and Konohamaru. Naruto wins again much to Konohamaru’s dismay.  He said Naruto’s was much sexier.  He said he feels like he’s getting so far away when they were supposed to be rivals.

Naruto went serious and told Konohamaru that he heard what he did, that he used Rasengan on Pain.  He said that he was proud of him and that he, too, is a hero.  He said next time he will show him how to make a bigger one.

In Konoha library, Samu, Karui and Omoi copied all the information they can get and as they left to meet the Raikage, we are shown a tracking device on Samui’s shoes planted by, of course, Yamato.  And so, they started tracking the three ninjas from Kumogakure.

The next pages show us glimpses of the Mizukage who seemed to hate hearing anything about engagements being called off.  On another part of the country, Tsuchikage and his bodyguards are talking about their destination, the Land of Iron, where the summit will be held.  Akazuchi said he’s never been to the Land of Iron before and Kurozuchi asked what it was like.

The Tsuchikage explained that the Land of Iron is formed from three mountains called The Three Wolves. He said that it is a neutral country with its own particular culture and authority and a strong military.  He said ninjas don’t lay a finger on it. The Land of Iron doesn’t have ninjas.  Instead they have Samurai protecting them.

Meanwhile, Sasuke is looking for a way to sneak into the Land of Iron. Gaara, on the other hand, has just arrived at the gates of the Land of Iron. He is greeted by Mifune, the leader of the Land of Iron.


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